Lifetime Achievement Award

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Natalie S. Owen

Title: Field Administrator
Industry: Construction
Type of Organization: Power, Mining and Mechanical Industrial Construction Company
Major Product/Service: Providing industrial construction including power plants, refineries, mines and commercial construction projects
Expertise: With over 14 years experience in the current industry, Ms. Owen is responsible for record keeping, time tracking, cost tracking, inventorying materials, invoicing, payroll, recruiting and ordering supplies.
Geographic Area of Distribution: National
Affiliations: T.W.I.C. card; N.C.C.E.R.; O.S.H.A. 30; M.S.H.A.
University/Degree: CPR and First Aid, Utah Wild Land Fire Academy
Born: July 23, 1986, Page, Arizona
Hobbies/Sports: 4-wheeling, collecting guns, volunteering
Work History: Ms. Owen previously spent 10 years in record keeping and held clerical positions.
Career Accomplishments: Ms. Owen began her career with Zachry and moved to other companies. She started at the bottom and worked her way up to her current role. She took all the classes she could for NCCER to better enable her to do her job. She has worked on first generation solar plants, and learned how to rebuild coal burners and refiners off blue prints. Ms. Owen tries to go out in the field on every job to see what is going on and learn something she doesn't know. Her best accomplishment is that she is always pushing herself to do better and learn new things.