Lifetime Achievement Award

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David Senlin Lee

Title: Chairman
Industry: Electronics
Type of Organization: Manufacturing
Major Product/Service: Producing and distributing a variety of electronic devices for the home and business
Expertise: With over 65 years experience, Mr. Lee is responsible for advising and consulting.
Geographic Area of Distribution: International
Affiliations: Monte Jade; Chinese Institute of Engineers; A.A.M.A.
University/Degree: M.S., Mechanical Engineering, North Dakota State University, 1962; Hon. Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Montana State University, 1993
Hobbies/Sports: Traveling to Asia, meeting new people
Spouse: Cecilia Chiming Lee
Married: January 8, 1968
Children: Eric, Gloria, Randy
Work History: Previously, Mr. Lee served as an advisor in trade negotiations for 3 presidents.
Honors & Awards: President Bush's Asian/Pacific Heritage Award, 1999; University of California, Regent Emeritus; President Obama Volunteer Service Award
Career Accomplishments: Mr. Lee led the team that perfected the daisywheel printer. He was instrumental in taking numerous companies IPO. Mr. Lee is proud to have served as an advisor to 3 presidents and as trade policy and negotiations advisor for 2 presidents. He is a member of the Presidents Council on the 21st Century Workforce.