Professional of the Year - Human Services

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Anita L. Covert-Bowen

Title: Independent Business Owner, Entrepreneur and Employment Coordinator
Industry: Human Services
Type of Organization: Nonprofit
Major Product/Service: Providing services for the mentally disabled
Expertise: Ms. Covert-Bowen has 35 years experience. She coordinates and liaises with community businesses to find jobs for clients who are mentally challenged. She also trains and assesses clients and interacts with the Department of Labor. She provides supported employment services to assist consumers and helps them to find and maintain employment. She is also the owner of
Geographic Area of Distribution: Pennsylvania, Delaware
University/Degree: B.S.W., Social Temple University, 1984
Born: September 30, 1949, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Hobbies/Sports: Travel, trader/vendor, gardening, volunteering
Spouse: David
Married: October 29, 2016
Children: Christopher Singleton; 4 grandchildren
Work History: Previously, Ms. Covert-Bowen served in the behavioral health field. Since 1999, she has owned several real estate properties which she manages. Throughout her career, Ms. Covert-Bowen has held several administrative positions with agencies including Ken Crest, Community Interactions and Consumer Satisfaction Team.