Professional of the Year - Healthcare/Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counseling

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Michele D. Inzelbuch

Title: Psychotherapist and Counselor
Industry: Healthcare
Type of Organization: Private Practice
Major Product/Service: Patient care
Expertise: With over 12 years experience, Ms. Inzelbuch specializes in helping women with post partum depression, alcohol and drug addiction counseling, relapse therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, rational emotive behavioral therapy and 12 step based treatments. She concentrates on clients achieving their life goals and utilizes the idea of mindfulness through movement. Ms. Inzelbuch also counsels those in law enforcement and military personnel.
Geographic Area of Distribution: Red Bank, New Jersey
Affiliations: N.A.S.W.
University/Degree: M.S.W., Monmouth University, Long Branch, New Jersey, 2011; Licensed Clinical Social Worker; Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor
Hobbies/Sports: Family activities, flow arts
Published Works: Featured in article, Women of Distinction; 1 article, "Postpartum Mental Health: The Silent Darkness," The Journal NJ, 2017; Column, "Our Postpartum Truth, In Her Words," Family Times, Monmouth County
Career Accomplishments: Ms. Inzelbuch is currently working to educate daycare workers to recognize symptoms of new mothers with PPD/A. She created a local FaceBook network of professionals in the perinatal and postpartum fields to help ensure that women are linked to all available services when needed and increasing education, advocacy and awareness of postpartum mental health. Ms. Inzelbuch is working to advocate for pediatricians to hand out the Edinburgh Test to mothers during the first 6 weeks of baby visits and provide resource lists to ensure the health and safety of the new mother and baby. She lectures at day care centers to teachers about self developing training on how to recognize mothers who suffer from post partum depression and anxiety.