Professional of the Year - Healthcare/Invasive/Non Invasive and Interventional Cardiology

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Conrad Murray

Title: Chief Executive Officer
Industry: Healthcare
Type of Organization: Medical Institute
Major Product/Service: Patient care
Expertise: Dr. Murray has over 32 years experience in internal medicine. He has served as an invasive/non invasive cardiologist for 29 years and an interventional cardiologist for 26 years. He is currently an interventional cardiologist responsible for internal medicine. Dr. Murray's specialties include nuclear medicine (cardiology), regenerative medicine biologics, autologous stem cell transplant and Platelet-Rich-Plasma.
Geographic Area of Distribution: International
Affiliations: American Heart Association; American College of Cardiology; Society of Angiography and Intervention; Diplomate, N.B.M.E.
University/Degree: M.D., Meharry Medical College, T.N.
Hobbies/Sports: Reading, travel, anthropology, cultural exchange, sports