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Albert C. Koetsier

Title: Artist
Industry: Art
Type of Organization: Self Employed
Major Product/Service: Creating art using x-ray photography
Expertise: Mr. Koetsier has 65 years experience in the art field. He is responsible for x-ray photography which he showcases from home. He also teaches adult education classes in the arts and technology at the University of California, Riverside and San Marcos campuses.
Geographic Area of Distribution: National
University/Degree: M.S., Electrical Engineering, Netherlands' Primary Technical University, Hilversum; Degree, X-ray Engineering, Philips Medical Systems
Born: Netherlands
Hobbies/Sports: Classical music, nature, reading, walking
Work History: Mr. Koetsier worked as an X-ray Specialist for Philips Medical Systems. He served two years as an Officer in the military. He later established Beyond Light.
Career Accomplishments: Mr. Koetsier became fascinated with the concept of photography at the age of eight. Shortly thereafter, he build his first "homemade camera" with an old matchbox and a pair of magnifying glasses, one on the side facing out and another attached on the inside. While in the military in the town of Roentgen, he discovered photographs of everyday objects created with x-rays and decided he would create this art form. After moving to California in 1979, Mr. Koetsier devoted his time to photography. In the early 1980's, he purchased an x-ray machine and in 1991 he first developed an x-ray and considered the resulting image art-worthy. He perfected his craft and established Beyond Light. Mr. Koetsier spent many years traveling to showcase his work at art shows.