Lifetime Achievement Award

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Katherine Leigh Myers

Title: Assistive Technology Specialist for the Office of Disability Services
Industry: Education
Type of Organization: University
Major Product/Service: Higher education
Expertise: With over 20 years experience, Ms. Myers is responsible for integrating technology into the lives of students and families affected by disabilities. She specializes in career counseling, student affairs and leadership development. Ms. Myers serves as a Personal Assistant between students and faculty.
Geographic Area of Distribution: Dayton, Ohio
Affiliations: Association of Higher Education and Disabilities; Southwest Ohio Consortium for Higher Education; Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America
University/Degree: B.S.; M.S., Rehabilitation Counseling, Severe Disabilities; Wright State University
Hobbies/Sports: Volunteering with choir, church activities
Career Accomplishments: Ms. Myers would like to acknowledge and dedicate this honor to her father, Robert Milling and her mentor, Sharon Miller.