Professional of the Year - Oil and Gas/Geoscience

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Pedro A. Romero Rojas

Title: Geoscience Advisor for Latin American Geomarket
Industry: Oil and Gas Upstream
Type of Organization: Oilfield Service Company
Major Product/Service: Oil and gas exploration, development and production
Expertise: Dr. Romero Rojas specializes in R&D and applications in formation evaluation, material science and technical training.
Geographic Area of Distribution: International
Affiliations: S.P.E.; S.P.W.L.A.; S.C.A.; A.A.P.G.
University/Degree: Dr.Eng., Electrical Engineering, University of Siegen, Germany, 1994
Born: August 4, 1959, Lagunillas, Zulia State, Venezuela
Hobbies/Sports: Tennis, chess, baseball, biking, reading
Spouse: Beatriz Carla
Married: September 23, 2000
Children: Beatriz Andrea, Pedro Rafael
Work History: Dr. Romero Rojas has spent 14 years in the oil industry. He has worked in formation evaluation and petrophysics research, development and consulting. He also spent 10 years in academia including material sciences, nuclear physics, optics, electronics and automation. Dr. Romero Rojas also has served as an Industrial and Academic Scientific Advisor and Mentor.