Professional of the Year - Nonprofit

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Michael C. Shaw

Title: President and Co-Founder
Industry: Nonprofit
Type of Organization: Advocacy Group
Major Product/Service: Focusing public attention on the value of the freedoms protected to Americans by the Declaration of Independence and encouraging individual and community interest in protecting those freedoms; Providing opportunities for discourse among organization participants and others; Promoting and strengthening government responsiveness to the principles of freedom; Informing the public about local, national, and international threats to individual freedoms; Uniting against the advance of international collectivist movements that cause poverty, oppression and a degraded earth
Expertise: Mr. Shaw works to expose the anti American Action plan of Sustainable Development and to rekindle public awareness of unalienable rights.
Geographic Area of Distribution: International
Affiliations: Freedom 21
University/Degree: J.D., Santa Clara University, 1974; Licensed C.P.A.
Born: 1949, Iowa City, Iowa
Hobbies/Sports: Native plant expert
Published Works: 30 articles; Gives public speeches