Professional of the Year - Education/Pharmacy Law

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Dwikia A. Davis

Title: Pharmacy and Health Services Consultant and Trainer
Industry: Education/Healthcare
Type of Organization: College/Adult School/Healthcare Organizations
Major Product/Service: Higher education; Consulting
Expertise: With almost 20 years experience, Ms. Davis specializes in healthcare/pharmacy laws and regulations. She evaluates compliance with accreditation standards along with quality improvement, performance goals and making sure the goals are measurable objectives with strategies and lesson plans. Ms. Davis oversees activities with students, teams and committees which include: being able to evaluate, teach and train staff , balanced score cards, summary reports pertaining to performance and appraisal improvement, validation of compliance with credentialing, licensing, providing continuous education and training regarding quality performance, providing reports and education to governing board, planning and developing improvements, implementation and action plans. She analyses ongoing assessments, peer reviews and modifies plans as needed to achieve target outcomes.
Geographic Area of Distribution: California
Affiliations: Volunteer, Red Cross; A.S.H.P.; C.S.H.P.; A.P.P.A.; N.A.B.P.; P.T.E.C.; C.P.T.A.; A.T.P.; C.T.A.
University/Degree: B.A., Psychology, California State University San Bernardino, 2007; M.A., Health, Healthcare Administration, Management, National University, 2011
Born: July 24, 1977, San Diego, California
Hobbies/Sports: Public speaking, art shows, reading, outdoor activities, mentoring youth, advocating for retired veterans, job fairs, advocating for cancer and diabetes, personal development, learning new technology in education and healthcare
Career Accomplishments: Ms. Davis has managed budget projects and achieved project schedule goals. She has improved the accuracy of budgets with programs and projects, and developed new quality standards for better quality performance and reliability. She has utilized modern teaching methods, offered plans for enhancement in which adult and student learners, along with employees, are encouraged to be engaged in the learning process using a variety of learning materials, resources and technology to support and improve the instructional environments. Ms. Davis has worked with management to create relevant departmental performance metrics and achieve organization benchmarks.