Professional of the Year - Travel and Tourism

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Doreen Colburn

Title: Travel Consultant
Industry: Travel
Type of Organization: Travel Agency
Major Product/Service: Providing travel accommodations and services
Expertise: With over 5 years experience, Ms. Colburn consults with clients regarding travel and tourism. She specializes in hospitality and is responsible for training employees.
Geographic Area of Distribution: National
Affiliations: Girl Scouts; C.L.I.A.
University/Degree: Attended, Seton College, Yonkers, New York; Attended, Red Rocks Community College, Lakewood Colorado; Attended, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Alaska
Born: Yonkers, New York
Hobbies/Sports: Swimming, hiking, nutrition, travel, needlework, motor racing, food
Spouse: Bruce
Married: January, 2008
Work History: Previously, Ms. Colburn served as a swim instructor, water safety instructor and river guide. Before becoming a travel consultant, she also served as an automotive mechanic.
Career Accomplishments: Ms. Colburn stands by the office's motto, "Everyone should enjoy their trip, no matter their ability." She earned her cruise certification and is currently working on her disability certification