Professional of the Year - Healthcare/Medical Research

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Emmanuel J. Ajala

Title: Principal Bio-Medical Researcher
Industry: Research/Healthcare
Type of Organization: Medical Researcher
Major Product/Service: Providing advanced care for human diseases
Expertise: With over 10 years experience, Dr. Ajala specializes in medical research to find a cure for breast cancer, HIV infection and the Ebola virus. He is responsible for the pathophysiology of breast cancer cell progression and HIV-1 cure and vaccine design.
Geographic Area of Distribution: International
Affiliations: The American Association for the Advancement of Science; American Chemical Society; Research Gate; Bio-Med Experts
University/Degree: B.Sc., Chemistry, West Texas A&M University; M.Sc., Chemistry, Fisk University, 1983; Candidate, Ph.D., Chemistry, Polytechnic University and New York College of Podiatric Medicine
Born: Nigeria, West Africa
Hobbies/Sports: Soccer, badminton, table tennis, drama, painting, dancing
Honors & Awards: Dean's Honor Roll, West Texas A&M University; Covington Who's Who, 2013; Global Who's Who, 2015
Published Works: Abstracts, including relocating the mutated BRCA2 from the cytoplasm back into the nucleus for repair for the cure of breasts cancer, disruption of HIV-1 pattern, vaccine design and desphorylation of Ebola virus metabolic pathways; Patent pending, automobile front and back safety barrier
Career Accomplishments: Dr. Ajala is the inventor of the disposable oxygen mask.