Professional of the Year - Construction/Site Management and Supervision

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Kevin A. MacNab

Title: Managing Partner
Industry: Construction
Type of Organization: General Contractor
Major Product/Service: Providing general construction and commercial building services
Expertise: With over 30 years experience, Mr. MacNab oversees construction sites, crew supervision, hiring and firing, contract negotiations, commercial construction projects and shopping centers.
Geographic Area of Distribution: Mount Prospect, Illinois
Affiliations: American Institute of Architects
University/Degree: B.S.F., Magna Cum Laude, Northern Illinois University, 1980; B.B.A., Magna Cum Laude, Cleary College, 1994; M.B.A., Human Resources, North Carolina State University, 1996; D.M., Universal Life Church, 2016
Born: January 4, 1958, Chicago, Illinois
Hobbies/Sports: Boating, golf, baseball
Spouse: Robyn MacNab
Married: February 4, 2006
Children: Ryan MacNab, Chris Martin, Hayley Martin
Work History: Mr. MacNab has held the following positions throughout his career: Commodity Trader from 1980 through 1983; Calow/MacNab Masonry from 1984 through 1989; Ridge Builders from 1996 through 2001; Night Club Owner, “Tales”, from 1997 through 2002; Southern Pine Construction from 1998 through 2002; Synergy Masonry from 2006 through 2009; Synergy Construction, 2009 to the present; Synergy Development from 2014 through 2015; and currently with Synergy General Contractors. He was briefly retired from 1990 through 1996 and was on sabbatical from 2002 through 2006.
Career Accomplishments: Mr. MacNab feels that among his multi-faceted career, he greatly enjoyed being a commodity trader, racehorse owner and night club owner. He served as the Milan Jaycee President from 1991 to 1995. He is very proud to be a Doctor of Metaphysics, Minister of Universal and to have never had a business that failed.