Professional of the Year - Aviation/Cargo Delivery

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Ronald G. Pearson

Title: Captain
Industry: Aviation
Type of Organization: Aviation Service
Major Product/Service: Providing aviation services to Saudia Arabian Airlines DC3, B737, L-1011 and B747 and Chine Airlines B747
Expertise: Captain Pearson has 60 years experience flying. He soloed February 23, 1957. Currently, he serves as a Pilot flying the Douglas DC3/DC3TP and DC4. He is responsible for delivering cargo to the Caribbean and spraying dispersant on oil spills as needed in the Gulf.
Geographic Area of Distribution: Florida, International
Affiliations: N.R.A.; A.O.P.A.
University/Degree: B.A., Estherville Iowa Junior College; B.S., Aviation, Evangel University, Springfield, Missouri
Born: November 1, 1938, Iowa
Hobbies/Sports: Swimming, family activities, travel
Spouse: Li Feng Chen Pearson
Children: Gregory Allen, Mark Jeffrey, Stephen Thomas, Marshall Lee
Work History: Previously, Captain Pearson served as an Instructor Pilot, Chief Pilot and Director of Operations.
Honors & Awards: Former U.S. Army CV2B Caribou pilot in Vietnam and Europe