Professional of the Year - Solar Energy/Sales and Marketing

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Alexandra E. Reilly

Title: Business Development Coordinator/CEO and Owner
Industry: Solar Energy/Personal Development
Type of Organization: Solar Energy Company/Personal Development Company
Major Product/Service: Sales of solar energy systems; Educating consumers and communities about renewable energy; Providing personal development to reignite within individuals and businesses the greatness within
Expertise: With over 2 years experience, Ms. Reilly is responsible for the sales and marketing of solar energy systems. She coordinates events and teaches communities about renewable energy alternatives. She specializes in assisting individuals and businesses to achieve their greatness within.
Geographic Area of Distribution: New Jersey
Affiliations: Former Board Member, Rotary Club of the Tarrytowns
Born: February 14, 1995, Red Bank, New Jersey
Hobbies/Sports: Public speaking, cooking, meditation, reading, physical fitness, volunteering
Work History: Previously Ms. Reilly worked in privately owned culinary arts companies and in the sales industries.
Published Works: Inspirational and how-to videos blogs
Career Accomplishments: Ms. Reilly partnered with key leaders of Houzz to develop a renewable energy inspired marketing campaign and sponsored educational events in New York. She integrated and leveraged desktop and mobile platforms to deliver highly successful educational and business development campaigns to continue to attract greater social media audiences.