Professional of the Year - Construction/Finances

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Daniella L. Barron

Title: Partner and Owner
Industry: Construction
Type of Organization: Pipeline Construction Company
Major Product/Service: Pipeline construction services
Expertise: Ms. Barron has over 20 years experience. She is responsible for billing, accounting, AP/AR, all finances and parts.
Geographic Area of Distribution: National
Affiliations: Networld; M.A.C.E.
Born: February 14, 1978, Broken Bow, Nebraska
Hobbies/Sports: Running, family activities
Spouse: Shane Anderson
Children: Morgan, Gage, Regan
Work History: Ms. Barron started in the industry as a labor hand, serving as a 'greaser' for a track hoe/side-boom, dozer and other equipment. She then moved into an office position, serving as a superintendent where she was responsible for job management, paperwork and billing. Following this, Ms. Barron started locating lines in the Grand Mesa in Colorado. She worked for numerous pipeline contractors locating underground pipelines. She served as a Foreman over pipeline locators for Willbros Construction. Subsequently, she served in the corporate office where she wrote policies and procedures and helped structure a new department for foreign line crossings.
Career Accomplishments: While serving with Willbros, Ms. Barron was asked to speak about the importance of having well-trained line locators on every project for a conference for Veriforce and NCCER mandatory operator qualification companies. She is passionate about the Fisher M-scope and was asked by an instructor to travel with him as a team, instructing classes for OQ due to her expertise.