Professional of the Year - Food/Private Chef Services

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Elizabeth Imas-Tsimourtos

Title: Private Chef
Industry: Food
Type of Organization: Self-Employed
Major Product/Service: Provides private chef services to high-end clientele
Expertise: Ms. Imas-Tsimourtos has over 18 years experience and has held the current role for 5 years. She is contracted through an agency to provide private chef duties for high-end clients. Ms. Imas-Tsimourtos serves as a full time private chef for extended periods of time preparing daily meals and traveling with clients as needed internationally.
Geographic Area of Distribution: Manhattan, International
Affiliations: A.C.S.
University/Degree: B.A., Business, 1992; International Culinary Center, 2013
Born: May 31, 1972
Hobbies/Sports: Reading, history, the mountains, the beach