Professional of the Year - Financial Consulting/Portfolios and Investments

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Robbie F. Thomas

Title: Owner
Industry: Financial Consulting
Type of Organization: Consultancy
Major Product/Service: Providing financial and business consulting services
Expertise: With over 5 years experience, Ms. Thomas consults with and advises clients regarding profitable stocks, new technologies, research investments and portfolios. She educates clients on how to protect their portfolios and investments. Ms. Thomas runs multiple online businesses including Rfays Organics on and Unique Treasures and More on As an experienced cosmetologist, Ms. Thomas creates and sells organic soaps, lotions and serums including hair and skin products.
Geographic Area of Distribution: Florida, International
University/Degree: A.S., Medical, Charlotte Technical College; License, Cosmetology, 1992; Certification, Patient Care Assictant, 1993; Certification, Phlebotomist, 1994; Certification, Retail and Groceries, Win-Dixie Stores, 1989
Hobbies/Sports: Creating natural soaps, perfumes, lotions and teas
Work History: Ms. Thomas has over 30 years retail and customer service experience in grocery and other stores.
Published Works: Patents