Professional of the Year - Mining and Refinery/Project Management

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Nasir Shansab

Title: President
Industry: Mining and Refinery
Type of Organization: Mining Services
Major Product/Service: Providing integrated copper mining, smelting and refining services
Expertise: Mr. Shansab has over 40 years experience. He is an Industrialist responsible for project management overseas, targeting project development, power development and water supply.
Geographic Area of Distribution: International
University/Degree: B.A., Salem International College; M.A., Writing, Johns Hopkins University
Born: Afghanistan
Hobbies/Sports: Watching movies
Children: Horace Tamim, Yama
Work History: Previously, Mr. Shansab served as the President of Shansab Service, Ltd. He was the Managing Director of Mir's Service Limited, and served as Managing Partner of both Naswood Partnership and Lawrenceville Partnership.
Published Works: 2 books, "Soviet Expansion in the Third World" and "Silent Trees"; Articles, The Washington Times, The Christian Science Monitor, Newsmax and others