VIP Members

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Member NameIndustry
Maassen, Stephen J.Legal
Maattala, DavidRecreation
MacAllister, Donald A.Government
MacDonald, Elizabeth (LIZA)Communications
Mack, Joan M.Healthcare
Mahmood, ShaukatPVC Compounds
Maindiratta, ReemaHealthcare
Malatesta, Celeste L.Textiles
Mall, Ronald W.Information Technology
Mallery, John L.Lumber
Maloney, Carson Leroy C.Automotive
Maloney, James D.Healthcare
Mangum Chakua, Marella B.Inventing
Mann, AnnReal Estate
Manolakis, Angelina G.Organizational Service
Maple, Dennis R.Professional Services
Marcheski, Frank A.Food
March-Thomas, Susan K.National Defense
Marques, Barb L.Healthcare
Marshall-Jeffers, Maureen E.Education
Marslender, RuthSocial Services
Martell, Steven M.Electrical
Martin, Ethel R.Insurance
Martin, GeorgeAutomotive
Martin, Kevin R.Legal
Martinez, Marie DorothyEducation
Martin-Johnson, JenniferEducation
Marx, Michael J.Utilities
Mash, RonaldPostage
Mateus, Jeff J.Construction
Mathre, Owen B.Chemicals/Quality
Matta, Alexandria N.Education
Maupin, Kathy C.Healthcare
Mawer, William T.Education
Maxian, LucileHealthcare
Mayfield, Tiffany A.Finance
McBride, Michelle D.Government
McCall Jr., David JamesEducation
McCullough, Lance D.Physical Fitness
McCumber, Daniel J.Oil and Gas
McDonald, Melody L.Financial
McGee, Carl W.Healthcare
Mcgee, Janet M.Education
McGee, Lorraine A.Financial
McGee-Summers, Rachel L.Education
McGehee, Ronnie L.Education
McGuffin, Mary NitaArt
McGuire, BarbaraAuthor
McIntosh, Kathy L.Food Pantry
McIntosh, Richard A.Defense Training
McKay, Shirley B.Real Estate
McKenna, Bruce A.Legal
McKenna-McWilliams, CarmenInformation Technology
McNutt Jr., Ralph L.Education
Meade, Luis M.Financial
Meadors, Mark S.Food Service Products
Meagher, Blondine C.Education
Medina, CherieGovernment/Law Enforcement
Mednick, Joanne GailHealthcare
Meine, Karen R.Business Service
Meissner, HolgerDecision Intelligence/Consulting
Melton, Bobbie A.Well Drilling
Mendoza-George, MyrnaHealthcare
Menendian, Loretta M.Education
Merriweather Jr., James N.Education
Meves, Virginia L.Publishing
Miesner, Patricia S.Government
Miles, Karen A.Nonprofit
Millen, Amy A.Government
Miller, Joyce P.Education
Miller, Sheila D.Education
Miller, Terry L.Construction
Miller, Ti'Shia J.Government
Milligan, StaceyHealthcare
Mills Dickinson, KarenEducation
Mills Jr., Larry D.Religion
Milner, StephenConstruction
Minkus, Nancy J.Interior Design
Miovech, Susan M.Nursing Education
Miranda, Todd M.Financial
Miskovsky, PaulLandscaping
Mitchell, Clyde KennethEnergy
Mitchell, Eddie R.Aerospace/Real Estate
Mitchell, Lisa A.Nonprofit
Mitchell, Stephen PaulEnergy
Mizel, VickiMemory Training
Moll, John JosephPet Food
Molloy, Thomas E.Religion
Monaco, BettinaReal Estate
Monett, Yvonne A.Healthcare
Moniz, Pamela M.Financial
Montagnino, James G.Consulting
Montagnolo, Francine M.Healthcare
Montaner, Suzette M.Education
Montenegro Alvarado, JosÚ MiguelPharmaceuticals
Moody, Loretta F.Religion
Moore, David M.Legal
Moore, Janice D.Real Estate
Moore, Judy K.Healthcare
Moore, Kerry G.Education
Morales, Angel L.Government
Moreno, Omar W.Window Washing
Morgan, AlanConstruction
Morin, Arlene M.Healthcare
Morrison, GaryTransportation
Mosley, Darryl E.Government
Mosley, Henry W.Hospitality
Moss, Eddie T.Retail
Moye, LaurieUtilities
MulÚ, Thomas G.Beverages
Mulligan, PatriciaHealthcare
Mullins, RobertAccounting and Finance
Munsey, RobertEducation
Murthy, Anita K.Pharmaceutical
Myers, Kathryn L.Education