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Category: Biography

Single and Not Settling!
By Tonia DeCosimo
After not walking down the aisle (as she assumed she would) in her twenties and then hoping it would happen in her thirties, Tonia DeCosimo found herself single at age forty and couldn’t help but ask herself, “Whose fault is this anyway?”

Out of the Rabbit Hole
By Kathy J. Wilson
Out of the Rabbit Hole is a memoir, written from a child's point of view, of a little girl who manages to survive an environment of alcoholism and violence.

Past Present Future: Gold, The Economy, Theft and Lies
By M.L.A. Maktari
Past, Present, Future is a book that enables the reader to almost see, feel, and hear what happened to the author from an early age onward to his becoming something he thought was impossible.

The Unfolding of a Rose
By Mamie Smith Ed.D.
Journey with Meta and her mother as they travel across America, Germany, and Japan, enjoying the excitement of being in a military family while striving to overcome its obstacles. Despite an upbringing that takes place across continents, Meta's life is in many ways typical. She has dreams-some that she accomplishes, and some that are lost. There are men who come and go. And there is the man who stays. And, above all, there is the joy of becoming a mother and businesswoman. Meanwhile, Meta's mother, Mamie, experiments with various religions, while trying to adapt to her husband's Catholic ways. A former Baptist, she finds the Catholic religion strange, but interesting. Then one day, her life is changed when a Christian Scientist knocks on her door. Eventually, Christian Science enables both Meta and Mamie to meet the ultimate challenge-breast cancer. On April 20, 2005, Meta dies, and her mother is left asking God why. She discovers the answer to the question in a melody of day-to-day demonstrations. Stretch your faith, discover who you are, and soar to heights unknown in The Unfolding of a Rose.

Empty Handed: A Modern Day Miyagi....
By Nathan Chlumsky
This book is about me and my life being bullied and told I would never be a Black Belt in the martial arts. But I didn't listen, and now 21 years later I have multiple black belts and am about to test for my 5th Degree Black in 3 different styles.

All Alone: WASHINGTON to ROME, A '60s Memoir
By Patricia Daly-Lipe
ALONE is an extraordinary memoir that immediately transports the reader to another time and place; a time when art and culture and ideas matter, and a place where beauty and love are natural and innocent.

Politically Homeless: A Five-year Odyssey across Three Continents
By Mary Terzian
In this memoir, Terzian's aspirations to attend college meet parents' refusal, flaring her yearnings even more.

SHERMAN J. HOWARD: Football and Beyond - The Legend and Legacy of an African-American NFL Pioneer
By Viyahta Robinson
Inspiring Generations To Do Great Things In 1952 Jet Magazine described Sherman Howard's performance in a game between the Cleveland Browns and the Washington Redskins as "sensational." The author highlights her father's journey

I've Always Been Rich: Pigs To Pastor
By Marilyn Rensink
Marilyn tells stories from her life growing up on an Iowa farm in the middle of the depression. In that era money was scarce, work was hard, and opportunities were few.

Janie's Unbelievable Journey: Inspirational Letters Along the Way
By Janie Sue WIlkins
In Janie Wilkins' memoir, titled "Janie's Unbelievable Journey", every reader has the opportunity to glimpse into the incredible life this author has lived.

The Shadow of Me
By Dea Caldwell
This is a descriptive narrative of a child with learning disabilities who overcame the odds of dyslexia with determination and the grace of one teacher. Her adopted mother did not believe she was a "slow child" and got the proper teachers she needed.

Category: Business

How to Acquire the Right Business
By John Psarouthakis, Lorraine M. Uhlaner
This book will systematically take you through the key steps in buying a company: deciding what you want to do, finding businesses for sale, evaluating business prospects, negotiating the deal, financing the deal, and developing an action plan.

Recruiter Secrets: What Recruiters Want You to Know, But Don’t Tell You
By Danieille Gruppo
Recruiter Secrets has been designed to answer your job search questions and concerns in a concise and easy to read manner. This book is for people who suffer from job search, interview anxiety, and are new to or overwhelmed by the process.

Category: Culture

I am a Nigerian, NOT a Terrorist
By Toyin Ayeni
The purpose of this book, which started prior to the December 25th, 2009 Christmas Bomber incident, is to put a spotlight on Nigeria, and to celebrate the country's 50th anniversary on October 1st, 2010 with a focus on the positive and what makes it unique. The book will: i. Enlighten the world about Nigeria, providing candid information with more emphasis and focus on the positive and unique aspects about this West African country. ii. Show that the country is a lot more than a producer of terrorists or con-artists, and highlight its potential and hope for a better tomorrow. iii. Show a need and urgency for all human beings to have a sense of curiosity about others, to generate an interest in fellow human beings to ignite the spirit of tolerance. iv. Open our eyes even wider and broaden our view of the face of terrorism in hopes to conquer it very soon. v. Leave a legacy of the Nigerian culture and a better environment for the children than we met it. The book will sensitize you to the fact that no matter what space you occupy here on earth, Nigerian or non-Nigerian, global problems require global solutions and a little effort to make changes by everyone from all nations can go a long way. I also hope that your knowledge and understanding of other cultures, starting with Nigeria, will increase your urge to know more of your surroundings, other human beings around the world, and encouraged to be your brother's keeper as we all fight against terrorism and other world issues.

The Immigrants' Daughter: A Private Battle to Earn the Right to Self-actualization
By Mary Terzian
In her award-winning book the author captures the universal immigrant experience through her personal memories. The scene is set in Cairo in the 1940's.

Native Nations Cookbook
By Stanley Groves
Native American cookbook

9.11...NYC...The Days After...
By Loren Ellis
Collection of poetry, stories, art, lyrics and photography by those who were here 10 years ago in NYC. It is an interactive book with blank pages so all can be included with their art or story or poem.

Hollywood Heat: Untold Stories of 1950's Hollywood
By Steve Rowland
As a member of Hollywood royalty - his dad was film director Roy Rowland, his uncle MGM-founder Louis B. Mayer - Steve Rowland is in an ideal position to kiss and tell about the movie legends of the 1950s, his friends and neighbours in Beverly Hills. As an actor with credits in a dozen classic 1950s pictures and many great TV Westerns, Steve worked alongside many shimmering stars of the motion picture firmament. But he was also a teenage gossip columnist with an insider s access to all that was most hot and happening in Hollywood s golden age. Hollywood Heat contains untold stories about Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and Marlon Brando - the kind of stories that only an insider would know. As well as movies and gossip, Steve took a keen interest in both starlets and fast cars, racing his white Corvette with friends James Dean and Steve McQueen in illegal street races on Sunset Strip. About the Author Steve Rowland was born in Hollywood in 1939. His own movie credits include Gun Glory, The Student Prince and Battle of the Bulge. As a teenager, he dated many glamorous starlets, and wrote gossip columns for LA fanzines. He hit the charts as a rock n roll heartthrob, then settled in Swinging Sixties London to create million-selling pop classics for Jerry Lee Lewis, Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick and Tich, and, in the 1980s, Boney M, The Cure, and Mel and Kim. As an aficionado of dangerous sports, fast cars and faster women, he may be the last of the famous international playboys.

Category: Educational

Power and Wisdom: The New Path for Women
By Priscilla V. Marotta, Ph.D.
Pat Moran, recognized by Working Women magazine, as CEO of the largest women-owned business introduces a captivating book that teaches women that power is not a dirty word, identifies power robbers, and presents a step-by-step guide for women to develop positive power skills needed to make their professional and personal dreams come true. Dr. Marotta points the way to a future, beyond the Glass Ceiling, grounded in wisdom. Directories of networking resources and stimulating websites included.

Teaching to the Brain's Natural Learning Systems (Paperback)
By Barbara K. Given
). This book summarizes recent brain research that identifies five naturally occurring learning systems (emotional, social, cognitive, physical, and reflective) and how to use them for classroom instruction to addresses alternative learning needs of diverse learners.

Elder Law in Maryland
By Jason Frank
More than most areas of the law, elder law tends to be state specific. In Maryland, long-term medical care regulations, health care decision making, and guardianship are just a few of the areas in which state law cannot be subsumed in general statements of majority rules or hornbook law. Yet, at the same time, uniform federal law governs Social Security issues and various consumer protection statutes and housing assistance programs. Elder Law in Maryland provides guidance to both applicable federal law and the unique aspects of Maryland elder law.

Selected Issues In American Education
By Samuel E. Beckles
Exhaustively researched and presented in a lucid, intelligent fashion, Selected Issues in American Education, by Samuel E. Beckles, examines six topics of importance in modern education. In 'Staff Development in Community Colleges' Mr. Beckles confronts the most crucial area of concern for the community based and funded institution of higher learning, a sector of the education field whose enrollment has increased 300 percent in the past decade. Often overlooked in these days of budgetary restriction and fiscal crisis, Mr. Beckles asserts that staff development is the key factor in the continued success of the community college. Turning to another area of educational concern in 'Existential Phenomenological Considerations for Counselors of College Students,' Mr. Beckles examines the heretofore unmet counseling needs of the modern collegian. Drawing on the works of an impressive array of philosophers and psychologists, including Frankl, Fingarette, Kierkegaard, and Sartre, the author formulates methods and means by which the frequent confusion and depression of college students can be eased through techniques adopted from the existentialist philosophy. Mr. Beckles addresses pressing and controversial subject with intelligence and sensitivity. Selected Issues in American Education is a tour de force by Beckles and a landmark in educational research and criticism.

Introduction to Health Physics
By Herman Cember, Ph.D.; Thomas A Johnson
If it's an important topic in the field of health physics, you'll find it in this trusted text . . . in sections on physical principles, atomic and nuclear structure, radioactivity, biological effects of radiation, and instrumentation. This one-of-a-kind guide spans the entire scope of the field and offers a problem-solving approach that will serve you throughout your career.

The Blues Then and Now: History of the Blues
By Frank Leanza
Blues, Then and Now, traces its origin from Africa in its primitive stage to the present day. It profiles the men and women that lived and sang the blues. It portrays a condition of depression, sadness, loneliness, tragedy and sexuality. The reader is taken on a journey from the Mississippi delta to Memphis, New Orleans, north to Chicago, Detroit,St. Louis, Kansas, New York and on to the blues revival of the 1960's and 80's in Europe. Along the way they meet Charley Patton, Eddie 'Son' House, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters,John Lee Hooker, Bessie Smith, 'MA' Rainey, Ida Cox and many more. It's about their lives, and their love for the music. It is the story of the blues.

Geoenvironmental Sustainability
By Catherine N. Mulligan, Raymond N. Yong, Masaharu Fukue
Industrialization, urbanization, agriculture, and resource exploitation are activities associated with a developing society. Geoenvironmental Sustainability focuses on such a society's geoenvironment and the natural capital that defines it. The book explains these elements in systematic detail, particularly with respect to their relationship to five thematic areas known as WEHAB: water and sanitation, energy, health, agriculture, and biodiversity - all factors identified as key areas of concern by the 2002 Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD).

Sediments Contamination and Sustainable Remediation
By Catherine N. Mulligan, Masaharu Fukue, Yoshio Sato
A comprehensive resource on contaminated sediments, this book opens with discussions of the contamination of sediments resulting from discharge of pollutants, excessive nutrients, and other hazardous substances from anthropogenic activities. It examines impacts observed as a result of these discharges, including the presence of hazardous materials and the phenomenon of eutrophication, and elucidates the remediation techniques developed to restore the health of sediments and how to evaluate the remediation technologies using indicators. The text highlights the problems inherent when dealing with contaminated sediments in rivers, lakes, and estuaries and includes numerous case studies that illustrate key concepts.

Natural Attenuation of Contaminants in Soils
By Catherine N. Mulligan, Raymond N. Yong
Natural attenuation has become widely recognized as an effective and low-cost alternative to more expensive engineered remediation. However, there are uncertainties about natural attenuationvs long-term effects and risks to the environment. There is a particular need to develop a high level of understanding of the natural attenuation processes in order to enable its proper implementation.Natural Attenuation of Contaminants in Soils covers this natural process and its proper implementation. It examines the theoretical processes, case studies, protocols, numerical models, and legal aspects in the natural attenuation of organic and inorganic contaminants. The book provides information for evaluation of natural attenuation as a design tool for construction of land-based waste disposal, and as a management control mechanism for leachate plumes. It also provides information for an in situ procedure for structuring remediation options.

Little Twinkle Learns Her Purpose
By Lisa Ann Panzino-Dinunzio
Little Twinkle Learns Her Purpose is a heartwarming and beautifully illustrated story about a little star that questions why she comes out and shines every night. What is her purpose? Mother star gladly answers her question, telling her about creation.

Myth, Magic, and Metaphor: A Journey into the Heart of Creativity
By Patricia Daly-Lipe
MYTH, MAGIC, and METAPHOR takes the reader on a journey. This book was not written to provide answers. It was written to provoke questions and ignite the imagination while examining history, art, literature, philosophy, mathematics, and music.

The Butterfly and the Rock
By Peter J. Myles
This book was created to tackle the social issues of early childhood learning development skills. It exploits the socials ills amongst children and how they interact with one another when adults are not present. This book is as educational tool for kids

Environmental Biotreatment: Technologies for Air, Water, Soil, and Wastes
By Catherine N. Mulligan
This book examines the chemicals most commonly encountered in the major media and thoroughly reviews 26 principal biological technologies available for their treatment. Using the author's at-a-glance chart, readers can quickly determine if a method would work in their processes. Biotreatment technologies covered include activated sludge processes, lagoons and ponds, wetlands, anaerobic wastewater treatment and digestion, bioleaching, phytoremediation, land-farming, slurry reactors, and trickling filters.

Timmy Teacup's Terrific and Terrible Tale: A Story About School and Bullying
By Barbara Daniels
This story begins when Timmy overhears the human kids in the house talking about going to school and he gets excited that maybe HE could go to school, too! So, everything gets set up for school on the dining room table for Timmy & his friends.

Math Is Not Magic: Solve Your Math Word Problems
By Jerry A. Knoelke
Everyone needs a better way to understand Math. Math Is Not Magic focuses on what the other books are missing. Math Is Not Magic provides the universal conceptual process that helps you understand how to solve word problems
By Elinor Stutz
Hired! is a must-read if you want to learn how to: Achieve the right mindset for successful interviewing Conduct specific research prior to the interview The leadership skills required for advancing a two-way interview

Nice Girls DO Get The Sale: Using the Power of Empathy to Build Relationships and Get Results
By Elinor Stutz
This how-to book trains women in field-tested sales techniques that will launch them into the next level of success. They will discover how to use their natural kindness, empathy, and relationships.

The UFC Changing the Martial Arts for Over 25 Years: The Davie/Gracie W.O.W. Era; An Encyclopedia Vol. 1
By Nathan Chlumsky
This is truly the ultimate, most informative book out there on the subject of the UFC and MMA as it talks about everything from businesses like Tap Out Clothing that have profited thanks in part to its association with the UFC and MMA as a whole.

Verbal Aikido: The Gentle Art of Blending Then Redirecting
By Nathan Chlumsky
Many of the techniques in this manual comes from Verbal Judo: The Gentle Art of Persuasion, a series of techniques designed by Dr. George J. Thompson, Ph.D. (1941-2011).

Learning Styles: A Guide for Teachers and Parents
By Barbara K Given
This book provides insights into the five learning systems - emotional, social, cognitive, physical and reflective; and practical applications of learning styles. It also contains a description of an "interactive observation checklist" developed by the authors, for identification of individual learning styles as well as a range of resources which can be utilised by the teacher to help identify and teach to the student's learning style. The book covers the full age range.

Inside Kungfu: Chinese Martial Arts Encyclopedia...
By Nathan Chlumsky
... Inside Kungfu: Chinese Martial Arts Encyclopedia is intended to serve as a general reference tool for anyone interested in the martial arts, its history, or even China’s history. The book takes a look “Inside” Chinese Martial Arts.

Timmy Teacup Transforms
By Barbara Daniels
Timmy TeaCup is a small white teacup with green spots. He lives with his mom, grandma, and great-grandma on an old piecrust table with lots of other teacups--all of them much fancier than him! But Timmy wishes to be something different...

A Purrfect Home for Kitters
By Jacqueline Faber
A Purrfect Home for Kitters is the cat's meow! This tender story of a kitty and her best friend will touch the heart (and the funny bone) of every pet lover. Romp with Kitters in her quest to find the purrfect, happy home.

Desiree’S Night Flight
By Jacqueline Faber
Desiree has a problem: shes a butterfly, and she wants to fly at night. She wants to follow her dreams and dance in the dark. But her mother and father have told her that only bats, owls, and moths fly at night.

Category: Environment

Unlocking the Natural-Born Leader's Abilities: An Autobiographical Exposé
By Salar Ahmed Khan
Leaders orchestrate commands to people in order to accomplish objectives pertinent and in accordance with their personal principles and intentions. This book sets to identify the qualities and abilities of a certain kind of leader.

Trading Water: A Legal Framework for Water Marketing
By Rodney T. Smith
Trading water and legal ramifications thereof

Troubled Waters: Financing Water in the West
By Rodney T. Smith
Explanation regarding how to finance water in the West

Category: Fiction

Blues From Down Deep
By Gwynne Forster
Regina Pearson has reached the ripe age of 40 knowing nothing about her family, so after her father's death she decides it's time to leave Hawaii, where she's lived with native Hawaiians, having no clue about African American life on the mainland. She finds an aunt in New Bern, North Carolina, who welcomes her, but the rest of the family keeps their distance. Regina takes a job managing a large hotel and there meets Colonel Justin Duval, who is designing the hotel's interior, and even though they clash at work, a personal relationship develops that is threatened by Regina's quest to have a relationship with her relatives. Justin would rather live without his large extended family and can't comprehend Regina's desire to wade into her gene pool. Regina realizes that maybe she had unrealistic expectations, but her tenacity starts to yield results even as her new family ties jeopardize her relationship with Justin. Forster's sensitive portrayal of a woman trying to find her roots offers some unusual offshoots and is a cut above the ordinary.

Marshal Shawn Felton & the Wild Bunch
By Terry Larkin
Young Buck Indian Wapiti comes to the marshal and wants him to train him to be a lawman in the 1892 West. Author shortly find out that they only load real gold on the train one day a week. So now the author has to hold them up for 3 days.

Marshal Shawn Felton's Challenge
By Terry Larkin
Being tasked with returning the gold to Sumpter, Marshal Felton must hire on additional Deputy's to assist him in returning the gold. But like usual, something goes eerie, and they lose the gold. It got its name when the U. S. Cavalry rides into it.

Her Cumberland
By Susan Anne Paisley
Her Cumberland is an imaginary historical novel attributed to the author’s long fascination with writing mixed with her childhood acquaintance with the characters within. "Being near the river and within sight of Rebecca’s block house had influence on my mind and inspired me to write this book. Although, I have not been there in many years the memory and spirit of the characters and the life they lived come to life quickly, in trying to capture the flavor of their time." The family’s expedition, chronicled with her passion for the lone survivor, weaving history--intertwined with imagination-- showcasing an extraordinary character and capturing the romance of river travel.

By Iuliano, Maria Rosaria
Joanna is a homeless woman who at 28 years old is still a virgin. She meets a kind soul who takes her in and helps her get on her feet. They pray a lot and we can see the power of prayers at work. This novel covers issues of sexual molestation, homelessness, mental illness, psychic and paranormal occurences. One of the protagonists is a Christian and the other is Catholic but they get along just fine.

By Mary Ann Short
Upon the passing of her mother, young Megan is suddenly orphaned and alone. Saddened by her loss, she seeks refuge with a band of feral cats living in the basement of her brownstone apartment house. Megan grows to love her feline family deeply, and when fate puts them in harms way, she stops at nothing to protect them. Angel is a tale about a mother's everlasting love that survives against all odds. It is a story about miracles, and the faith that enables us to both believe without seeing, and to see because we believe.

A Friend Indeed
By Mary Ann Short
The son of a champion Labrador retriever and a mongrel father, Pup is born the runt of his litter. Yet, despite a lesser stature, he owns a big heart and an even mightier spirit. The humans that deliver him into the world are good and caring people, especially young Katie. Pup prays the child will one day bestow upon him a royal title equal to his strength of character. But as fate would have it, youthful curiosity leads him to stray from the yard. Nameless and afraid, he suddenly finds himself lost and alone in the pine barrens of eastern Long Island (New York). In a frantic effort to find his way home, Pup travels aimlessly through the forest until he crosses paths with some unusual woodland characters who ultimately befriend him and guide him on his journey. But the road home is a dangerous one and Pup and his comrades soon find themselves standing face-to-face with evil. Assembling the greatest of their physical strengths, instincts and intelligence, they fight to survive the cruelties and ignorance that surrounds them, discovering the best of themselves and each other in the process. A Friend Indeed uses primarily animal characters to tell a very human story about the ills of prejudice and the interdependence of all life. Its messages of friendship, perseverance and faith will speak to the souls of readers young and old and leave them feeling uplifted and inspired long after finishing the book.

If You Walked In My Shoes
By Gwynne Forster
Coreen Holmes Treadwell is well respected in Bakerville, North Carolina, but when she is called to testify before a senate committee, she is paralyzed with fear that her secret will be revealed. While in high school, she was raped and became pregnant. Thrown out by her parents, she gave the baby up for adoption, went to college, became a hardworking and valued social worker, and married a man named Bates, becoming stepmother to his two children. Now she is afraid that Bates will find out about her past troubles and that she'll lose his love and respect. Meanwhile, unknown to Coreen, her child, Frieda, is looking for her and seeking revenge because her adopted father abused her. Mother and daughter are on a collision course that brings out the worst in both women, causing them to jeopardize the good in their lives. Forster's understated style allows for an insightful inquiry into the plight of African American women and the men who abuse them.

Red Eagle: A Story of Cold War Espionage
By Adams, Christopher S.
An exceptionally well-written and detailed novel about espionage which provides an extraordinary and factual "inside" view of the powerful and aggressive former Soviet Union secret police agencies, the KGB and the GRU. The story is woven around these organizations and actual events involving U.S. Strategic Air Command (SAC) operations during the Cold War, the Cuban Crisis, in particular, the mighty B-52 bomber and the men who flew it. Intimate details are revealed about Soviet secret police agent recruiting, training, surveillance, tactics, exploitation of U.S. technologies, as well as, their corrupt activities including brutal deeds against their own people. The "manufactured" tale is carefully and meticulously developed into a Cold War scenario and an event that could have potentially happened, but did not! A must read for the spy and conspiracy theorist!

Whitney's School Morning
By Kathy Kappler
One of the many playful names given to me by my dad was Whitney. This book uses Whitney to tell a simple story based on real names and real happenings. The special people who have come and gone in my life live on in the mind and words of Whitney. I have experienced many things in life. I am a registered nurse by education, but have strayed quite far from the standard position of nursing. For many years I have held independent positions involved in sales and service. I have a strong passion for protecting and respecting our elderly and young. I believe both the elderly and young are wise and uncomplicated.

Is Real Love Worth My Life
By D.M. Cummings
Kya Walters had a lot going for herself the looks, the brains and a good man until she ran into big time drug dealer Michael Mack. Mike was very popular with the women, he had three nice cars, a lot of flashy jewelry and every clothes item he wore was brand name even his socks and underwear, but he had a lot of baggage. He had four baby mamas and six kids, but he had game, he would wine and dine you until he stole your heart. Kya gave up everything for his love and everything was going wonderful until Mike became possessive, controlling and abusive and Kya was afraid to leave. Once she became pregnant the tables turned, Mike had bitten off more than he could chew. He was in it for the long run, until death do them part, although they weren't married Kya refused to let go, but was it worth it?

When Twilight Comes
By Gwynne Forster
Forester offers a story about a family and the relationships between siblings when faced with a crisis. When Marge Hairston, the family matriarch and owner of North Carolina's most influential African American newspaper, the Woodmere Times, falls ill, her family falls apart. Marge insists that one of her children run the newspaper, so then her three children are faced with choosing between operating the family business and building careers of their own. Their once close relationship is challenged by the choices they make to fulfill their mother's wishes. The eldest, Drogan, is a handsome young man who uses his good looks and charm to woo others. Cassandra is the self-absorbed middle child. The youngest, Sharon, is mild mannered and selfless. The one who agrees to take over the newspaper not only gives up a promising career but also has to contend with sibling rivalry and mistrust. Readers will empathize with the struggles and rejoice in the epiphany that each character experiences.

Whatever It Takes
By Gwynne Forster
The twins, Lacette and Kellie, grew up in the Christian home of Reverend Marshall and Mrs. Cynthia Graham. At 33, the girls are as identical in looks as their personalities are opposite. Lacette learned at an early age to give into Kellie's manipulation. Kellie's covetous and competitive nature seeks out Lacette's things, as well as her boyfriends. Cynthia has contributed to Kellie's behavior by never holding her accountable for her behavior. Marshall does not set Kellie straight either, but he does protect Lacette from Kellie's outbursts. With no explanation, Cynthia and Marshall separate, and he moves out of the parsonage. After the maternal grandmother's will is read, Kellie decides that she wants the broach that was left to Lacette. With Marshall staying at a hotel, the Graham women begin to live distant and separate lives--Cynthia is floating through a midlife crisis, Lacette has purchased her own house and started a business, and Kellie is on the warpath to get that broach. Everyone learns--at a price--that doing whatever it takes has consequences.

By Gwynne Forster
Failure to secure a coveted partnership was the driving force behind Selena Sutton's move to Texas. Wanting a low stress, small town life with people who would accept her for herself, Selena packed her bags and headed to Waverly, Texas. She took a job as a psychological counselor and began a new chapter in her life. Her new home gives her the change she needed, until one man's greed and desire leave Selena in the hospital. Then she finds herself being protected by a very unlikely person- her attacker's brother. But who will protect her from losing her heart to Magnus Cooper? Magnus fell for Selena the moment she arrived in Waverly. She wasn't his type, of course- too much like his cold-as-ice mother. But that doesn't stop Magnus from wanting Selena, or wanting to protect her when his brother Prince assaults her. Magnus's problems with his brother go way back, but he is determined that Prince will never get his hands on Selena. Not if he has anything to say about it. Gwynne Forster's Obsession is a fast-paced, suspenseful tale of two brothers at war and a woman caught in the middle. The heat between Selena and Magnus is as hot as Texas chili from page one, and the love scenes sizzle. Unfortunately, some of Ms. Forster's dialogue feels awkward and the plot loses luster due to unrealistic plot elements. However, her interesting secondary characters and several twists in the story make up for other flaws and fans of Ms. Forster will find her ending sweet and satisfying. Gwynne Forster's writing crackles with sensuality! Her love scenes will leave you breathless! A fast-paced story filled with suspense and enough twists to rival a Texas twister! Hot, hot, hot!

By Amit Sarkar
Mayu is the brilliant child of a traditionalist, railroad clerk father and a simpleminded mother in Galacia. She excels in her studies—and her social life. In fact, two of her classmates—Aaron and Benito—fall for her and try to gain her affections. Her decision is soon made easier when, after graduation, Benito mysteriously disappears. Mayu and Aaron move in together. She enrolls in a postgraduate economics program, while he continues to study music. He is a brilliant lyricist, while Mayu shares her beautiful voice. Together, they live a life of love and joy, until Aaron leaves for the United States to further his studies in classical music. Left alone, Mayu must find her own path. She becomes a civil servant and administrator for her nation. Suddenly, violence breaks out in the country. The army arrests several insurgents, and Mayu is shocked to find Benito among them. Her life is soon overshadowed by loss; only love can save her, but which man from her past will come to her aid?"

Diamond's Pearl
By D.M. Cummings
Diamond always felt she had to have a man in her bed, it didn't matter whose man, as long as they kept her sexually satisfied. Diamond had a baby at a young age and her mother didn't allow her to do anything but take care of her daughter, Nikki. Once Diamond moved out she went buck-wild and was sleeping with anything that looked like a stick and was given more than she bargained for. She was given several chances, she even moved to Ohio for a better life, but will she learn?

By Gwynne Forster
When novelist Jeanetta Rollins learns she has a brain tumor certain to render her blind unless she gets a rare operation, she is devastated. But the news gets worse. The operation is so rare, no doctor is willing to perform it. Not even the man who has had spectacular results with the vary same procedure. It seems Dr. Mason Fenwick has given up medicine altogether, and refuses to take Jeanetta's case. Jeanetta refuses to give up. She tracks the former Dr. Fenwick to his new career as the owner of a travel agency specializing in one-of-a kind world tours. She decides that the best way to talk the reluctant surgeon into taking her case is to book herself on his guided tour and let the man get to know her personally. She hopes he won't be able to refuse her once he has a real person in front of him. Mason Fenwick is completely unprepared for the electricity and passion he feels the second he meets Ms. Jeanetta Rollins for her pre-tour interview. The woman is a mystery, and Mason can't resist. He allows Jeanetta a spot on his exclusive tour. From the moment the tour begins, Mason finds Jeanetta irresistible. He serves her notice that she's caught his interest, and he's a man who goes after what he wants. They may find ecstasy in each others' arms, but can their love survive a life-threatening operation, and Mason's self-doubts? In Ecstasy, Ms. Forster captures the anguish and the hope of love triumphing over the biggest of odds!A delicate, emotional story! A powerful story about powerful issues! Ms. Forster has crafted a heroine with spunk and determination we can believe in!

Silver Bells
By Gwynne Forster, Lynn Emery,Carmen Green
Pinnacle's Arabesque line continues its annual holiday tradition with this diverse trio of contemporary African American romances, each highlighting a different winter celebration. In Gwynne Forster's "Christopher's Gifts," an upscale interior decorator finds happiness with the man she has hired to be her chauffeur; in Carmen Green's appealing "Whisper to Me," a lovely teacher introduces the rich traditions of Kwanzaa to a widower and his seven-year-old twin girls; and in Lynn Emery's compelling "To Begin Again," a determined social worker activist finds that love does not follow party lines. Although the stories are not equally well done, they make for pleasant holiday reading.

Goose Tale, A
By Susan Anne Paisley
A Goose Tale is an imaginary children’s illustrated book written in the traditional holiday remembrance. A magical creation delightfully written to capture the delight in celebrating the interpretation of expectancy and adventure. Patterned to inspire learning and set during the magical season of Christmas, it is a busy and bright book with hidden meaning. Charlie, along with an assortment of animal friends, learns the real meaning behind "there is no place like home." A uniquely creative story featuring whimsical and entertaining animal characters that help children in a truly special way identify the valuable lesson of finding their way home; should they become lost. "He would never venture away again." Susan Paisley is also the author of "Her Cumberland", a historical novel, and is a writer of poetic works.

A Test of Alien Alliance
By Catherine Hill
Humans have been forced by sheer numbers to migrate to a new galaxy with multiple habitable planets. Here, they find themselves surrounded by humanoid aliens, the Varangians, who thrive on extremely cold planets. Not direct competitors, the two races watch one another warily and after five hundred years agree on a mutually beneficial trade treaty. At first, all is well, but then three Varangians disappear in human territory. The Varangians turn to half-Varangian Commodore Nimrod Ekeroth, who heads the human environmental fleet. Now he must find out who is disappearing both Varangians and humans and troubling the alliance.

Profiles in Betrayal: The Enemy Within
By Adams, Christopher S.
Profiles In Betrayal: The Enemy Within is a sequel to his first novel, Red Eagle, and carries the theme of Soviet secret police operations, spying and espionage to a new level. Following the assassination of President Kennedy and the discovery that the accused assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, had lived in the Soviet Union for three years prior to the murder, historical Soviet paranoia erupted. The main character of the story, “Sasha” Katsanov, is a highly trained and skilled Soviet GRU agent-spy who is once again sent back into the United States undercover to attempt to determine if Oswald, the accused assassin, was in fact under the influence of the KGB, other Soviet interests, or did he act alone. The historical rivalry between the two principal Soviet intelligence agencies, the GRU and the KGB, is rekindled with numerous violent attempts on the part of the latter to thwart Sasha’s mission. Kidnapping, torture and murder, a normal part of the KGB’s modus operandi, to influence and exert power and control were put to full use in attempts to sabotage Sasha’s investigation. Within the U.S., the Intelligence Community was also in turmoil over its respective failure to monitor the activities of the accused assassin, Oswald, both while he lived in the Soviet Union and after he returned. Profiles In Betrayal will not only keep the reader gripped by the exceptional realism of the story as well as the clever plot development.

Belize: The Journey to Paradise
By Will Wesley
This is the story of the journey that led Deloris and Alan Stamm to the village of Placencia, Belize, Central America. It shows how they were compelled to buy a hotel that neither of them wanted or needed.

By R. Howard Trembly
The man they call Madigan--a tough retired Cavalry officer--finds himself drawn into an intriguing but dangerous game of Cat and Mouse with a formidable gang of outlaws searching for the hidden Aztec gold of Montezuma in the old Southwest.

The Magic Medallion
By R. Howard trembly
Cat Clawson, a CIA agent on loan to the Kenyan government to help track down a notorious band of poachers thought to be allied with al-Qaeda, finds himself ensnared in the intrigue and danger of hunting down the vicious yet beautiful female leader.

A Transgression in Time
By R. Howard Trembly
As Sheriff Jeff Burns parked along the dirt road leading to the Mathey Ranch in southern Arizona, he was thinking about the mysterious disappearance of the actress a few weeks before. She was an actress he once loved and could not get out of his mind.

Killer I Am
By R. Howard Trembly
Justin Page, the man they call Justice, and his mule Quietus (Death) team up with a minister-turned lawman to track down and stop a mass murderer of young girls and, at the killer's insane impulse, men and women also.

A Purrfect Home for Kitters
By Jacqueline Faber
Children and adults alike face times when courage and acceptance are needed to navigate unwanted change. Jacqueline Faber's tender story creates an easily understandable roadmap for young readers when facing the loss of the familiar.

Category: Finance

Having It All Together® with Financial Planning Handbook
By Chris L. Self & Mary Anne Redmond
Streamline your life with this basic financial know-how designed to empower you wonderfully. The colors alone are unlike anything you've ever seen in the world of financial information. Your spirits will be lifted as you read and easily relate to the encouraging tone and personal (1st person) point of view. For example: "One secret to managing my finances with grace and power, is having easy access to my financial records" (page 19A). Key information — designed to take the fear & overwhelm out of finances — appears on pages resembling flash-cards. Practical nuggets include: the 6 "Stress-Reduction Income Tax Tips," the 4 "Basic Ways to Manage My Money," the 5 "Questions to Ask: Health Insurance Check-List," and many more, with a vivid table of contents for finding your area of interest quickly! You can carry this handy book in a purse or pocket, have it with you when you talk with a financial professional, or wherever you are when you'd like to take care of some aspect of your finances with confidence.

Save Pennies, Bank Millions
By Helsa Ariass & Glaurys Ariass
Financial theories and principles using timelines, budgets, investments, and trading strategies, to accelerate financial growth using these practical courses of action on a modest income.

Earnings Per Share and Management Decisions
By Childs, John F.
Earnings Per Share and Management Decisions

Desiree’s Night Flight
By Jacquie Faber
Desiree has a problem: shes a butterfly, and she wants to fly at night. She wants to follow her dreams and dance in the dark. But her mother and father have told her that only bats, owls, and moths fly at night.

Category: Health

Eye care naturally
By Geiger, E. Michael
A guide to prevention and treatment for some common eye conditions and diseases. Included are description of condition, who is at risk and how to prevent, stabilize and sometimes reverse conditions through proper lifestyles, foods and nutritional supplements

Herbs of Southern Ecuador: A Field Guide to the Medicinal Plants of Vilcabamba
By Bejar, Ezra
Secrets of Youth in Southern Ecuador? Vilcabamba, (in the Quechua language “holly valley”) located in Southern Ecuador, is known to gerontologists as one of three places in the world with the largest population of elderly people. This valley is known as an "island of immunity and a pool of longevity." The favorable climate, water quality, proper nutrition and use of herbs allow inhabitants to survive to a high age in a remarkable state of fitness. Until now the " herbal wisdom of the age" has not been documented. An international team of scientists (including medical anthropology, ethnobotany and ethnopharmacology) contacted the only elderly curandero living in San Pedro de Vilcabamba, Don Cruz Roa. After establishing a solid relationship with him, the team meticulously organized local herbal wisdom in a coherent and succinct manner for transmission to future generations. For the first time the secrets of herbal wisdom of Vilcabamba are available to the public. Herbs of Southern Ecuador provides exciting information about the expedition to Ecuador, the field methodology, and complete ethnobotanical information on more than 140 herbs. It includes vernacular and scientific names, families and synonyms, illustrations, botanical descriptions, origins, geographic coordinates, as well as ecology, traditional classification, uses, preparation, parts used, and administration. The information is in Spanish and English, for easy cross-reference, containing excellent indices by scientific and vernacular names and a comprehensive bibliography

Miracles Do Happen: A Physician's Experience With Alternative Medicine
By C. Norman Shealy
Shealy recounts his experiences with holistic medicine and the curative powers of alternative treatments.

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Healing Remedies
By C. Norman Shealy
Provides an abundance of fascinating facts, self-help guidelines, and authoritative advice on how to prepare your own remedies, and where to find professional help from a trained practitioner.

The Illustrated Food Remedies Sourcebook
By C. Norman Shealy
Comprehensive and fully illustrated throughout, The Illustrated Food Remedies Sourcebook is a go-to reference for anyone wishing to nourish the body from the inside out. Much of what we eat affects our health.

My Body is Talking to M
By Viyahta Robinson
The author is sharing her passion to wake people up to the power their thoughts, feelings and emotions have in the disease process. She offers different choices to facilitate healing.

Not All Who Wander Need Be Lost: Stories of Hope for Families Facing Alzheimers and Dementia
By Lisa K. Skinner
Not All Who Wander Need Be Lost is a concise guide to navigating the heartbreaking challenges of having a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease or other dementias.

Medical Intuition: Your Awakening to Wholeness
By C. Norman Shealy
Building on the significant history of the use of medical intuition by leaders in the field, Dr. Norman Shealy provides us with a path to using our innate intuition to develop optimal personal power and health.

Living Bliss: Major Discoveries Along the Holistic Path
By C. Norman Shealy
Almost a century of research has shown that the most conscientious individuals enjoy longer and healthier lives. The crucial feature of conscientiousness is being organized and responsible, which are the traits that contribute most to society in general.

Healing the Heart of Croatia
By Dr. William M. Novick, M.D.

Founder and President, International Children's Heart foundation and Father Joseph Kerrigan.

Dr. Novick has taken his surgical teams to eight countries and operated on over 300 children with congenital heart disease. This book highlights the work being done in Croatia.

Rehabilitation of Late-Deafened Adults: Modular Program Manual
By Jaclyn B. Spitzer, Ph.D.
Recommendations for therapy for severe and profound hearing loss in maturing adults.

The Last Puff
By John Farqular
An interview with thirty three ex-smokers sharing their secrets and successes on kicking the smoking habit.

What the Labels Won't Tell You
By Logan Chamberlain, Ph.D.
The only book of its kind, sheds light on the herb craze as no other book has done before. Other topics include establishing an herb regimen and determining dosages.

Life Beyond 100: Secrets of the Fountain of Youth
By C. Norman Shealy
Using today's most leading-edge therapies and breakthroughs in the science of longevity, a pioneering holistic physician shows how we can healthfully age to one hundred, and beyond.

Sacred Healing: The Curing Power of Energy and Spirituality
By C. Norman Shealy
With faith, grace and intent, can prayer cure serious illnesses? Can healers simply lay their hands on ailing patients and make them well? How does sacred healing work and why?

The Healing Remedies Sourcebook: Over 1000 Natural Remedies to Prevent and Cure Common Ailments
By C. Norman Shealy
Loaded with more than 1,000 natural remedies, The Sourcebook will teach you how to naturally treat common problems, including stress, anxiety, depression, headaches, allergies, the common cold, high blood pressure, even diabetes and obesity.

90 Days to Stress-Free Living: A Day-by-Day Health Plan, Including Exercises, Diet, and Relaxation Techniques
By C. Norman Shealy
Experts will tell you that good health is your natural state, but stress can upset the balance between your genetic health code and your social environment.

Soul Medicine: Awakening Your Inner Blueprint for Abundant Health and Energy
By C. Norman Shealy
The cutting edge of medicine today is not to be found in invasive therapies like drugs and surgeries. It is in the disciplines that used to be regarded as "soft" medicine: prayer, intention, energy healing, acupressure, and similar therapies.

Category: History

The Saint's Day Deaths
By Albert Noyer

344 pages, soft cover $16.95

Creative Arts Book Co.

A historical suspense novel set in the early 5th century at Mainz, Germany.

When a series of citizen deaths occurs on the person's namesake's day, Treverius and Blandina must determine why, who will be next, and how to protect potential victims...including themselves.

''An evocative and authentically detailed historical mystery''

Ideologies in Conflict : A Cold War Docu-Story
By Adams, Christopher S.
The author characterizes this book as a "docu-story". As such, it is an exceptionally well-researched and skillfully written chronology of the history of Russia, the Soviet Union and the cold War. The work is unusual and unique. It is unusual because unlike most books of an historical nature, it is free-flowing and not tightly structured. It is unique because it is written with considerable input from the author's personal experiences interwoven with perceptions and anecdotal observations. The work is Assertive: "I have no doubt that there was Cold War. I fought in it." (The Author); Candid: "Stalin is an unconscionable dictator, but I liked the little son-of-a-bitch." (Truman); Provocative: "Truman is worthless." (Stalin); and Challenging: "Why not set a goal, just between the two of us; let's find a practical way to solve our critical issues." (Reagan) and "we can set a specific agenda for how to straighten-out Soviet-American relations." (Gorbachev). Finally, it is Cautionary: "The world has become in many respects a safer place, unfortunately, it is also still a dangerous place, fraught with uncertainty." (Commander-in-Chief, US Strategic Command) and: "The missile force is in the same state of readiness as ten years ago. My men and my missiles are always ready." (General of the Army, Igor Sergeyev, Republic of Russia.)

Patriarch Of Ovington
By Sallie Lee Short
Take a journey to the town of Ovington during World War I,& II, the Prohibition, and Depression. Read about the city founder's life including love, compassion and justice. Thomas was a small, but powerful man, and memories of him lived on, as he left "a community secured, because he loved these people." Relearn the lesson of the human spirit enduring adversity, through the story of "The Patriarch of Ovington."

The Templers
By R. Howard Trembly
On April 12, 1861, the Civil War of the United States began when the Confederate States of America fired on Fort Sumter. The war officially lasted until April 9, 1865.

Last of the Annamese
By Tom Glenn
A novel that transcends the limitations of "war fiction," Tom Glenn's Last of the Annamese is a book that examines the choices forced upon those who fight wars, those who flee them, and those who survive them.

P-47 Pilots - The Fighter-Bomber Boys
By Tom Glenn
This is a book about combat in WWII. It is also about patriotism, honor and plain old fashioned guts to do a job that had to be done regardless of personal sacrifice.

Bronze Mirrors of Ancient China
By Donald H. Graham, Jr.
A lavishly illustrated book of 312 pages with 248 full color illustrations. Accompaning the essay on the history of Chinese bronze mirrors by a leading expert in the field.

A CRUEL CALM: Paris Between The Wars
By Patricia Daly-Lipe
A moving love story set in the era between World Wars I and II, a time of idealism and innovation when Paris was the cultural capital of the Western World.

Ebony & Ivory
By Melvia Miller

ISBN: 0-595-21329-4

An in-depth look at cultural diversity. A powerful collection of fables, stories and articles concerning the critical issues of racial hostility, diversity, health care, and civil rights. Contains exercises and games also.

''Permission to Kill'' and ''ThunderHawks'' The Video Documentary.

Friendly Casualties (Stories from Nam Book 1)
By Tom Glenn
Friendly Casualties, a novel in stories, is centered on the Têt Offensive of 1968. It tells the stories of casualties, Vietnamese and American, of the Vietnam war.

Historic Tales of La Jolla (American Chronicles)
By Patricia Daly-Lipe
The first settlers to arrive here in 1869 purchased 160 acres for two dollars and change. La Jolla attracted artists, architects, writers and scientists over the years, contributing to today's prized reputation as a valuable world-class destination.

Category: Humor

Of Weeds & Views
By Frances Crain

ISBN: 1-892343-10-X

Open to any page and you'll be guaranteed a chuckle, or perhaps a full blown laugh. Read from cover to cover or choose from the table of contents. The subjects vary from a pioneer school teacher to a savvy new millenium teenager-from cornmeal to caviar!! And yet, there is a serious side to these real life vignettes-the preservation of a child's dignity, the rewards of finding good in others. Read, enjoy and give a copy to your friends.

Category: Literature

Listen To Your Eyes
By Lawrence Alford
“Listen to Your Eyes” is a book that explores the critical nature of achieving literacy. I was amazed to uncover some of the information in this book. It made everything make sense in my life at the moment I put the pen to paper.

Sex Sells
By Roger Paul Mosconi
Sex Sells is a witty, fun novel about the world of advertising based on his experiences as an award-winning creative director, in other words, a perfect beach read just in time for summer!

Other Links :

Category: Medical

The Andropause Mystery: unraveling truths about the Male Menopause
By Robert S. Tan MD

The Andropause Mystery is written for men and women as they try to comprehend their partner's aging processes. The ten chapters incorporate case histories and discuss unique perspectives of memory loss, erectile dysfunction and sexuality in aging. To order: 1-800-2476553 or

How I Survived Prostate Cancer, and So Can You : A Guide for Diagnosing and Treating Prostate Cancer
By James Lewis

A Comprehensive Primer on Medical Genetics
By Theodore F. Thurman M.D.

Serves as class notes for a lecture-based course in Medical Genetics:

Remains a ready reference in clinical practice. Through coverage of multi-factorial inheritance, which accounts for most common diseases

Performance Breakthroughs for Adolescents with Learning Disabilities or ADD
By Dr. Geraldine Markel and Dr. Judith Greenbaum

Category: Military

Into Fields Of Fire
By W. L. George Collins
With Into Fields of Fire, W. L. George Collins has created a unique history that joins a growing body of work on the WWII Troop Carrier Groups that serves to enlighten and correct 60 years of myth that was cultivated in popular histories of WWII. This book will find a wide audience from the novice war buff to the family members who want to know what it was really like, to the academic historian there is a wealth of excitement, insight and learning within it’s pages.

The Papers of George Catlett Marshall
By Larry Bland and Sharon Ritenour Stevens

(volume 1-4 available)

ISBN: 0-8018-2552-0

vol. 1--"The Soldierly Spirit," Dec. 1880-June 1939

ISBN: 0-8018-2553-9

vol.2---"We Cannot Delay," July 1939-Dec 6, 1941

ISBN: 0-8018-2967-4,

vol.3---"The Right Man for the Job," Dec 7, 1941-May 1943

ISBN: 0-8018-5368-0

vol.4---"Aggressive and Determined Leadership," June 1943-Dec 1944

Category: Miscellaneous

Global Impact
By Bill G. Matheny

Brian Cardinal: Citizen Pain
By Fred Kroner
This book chronicles the rise of a small-town athlete (his high school had 420 students) to not only a top collegiate basketball player at Purdue, but also to someone who has played professionally in the NBA since 2000. He reveals the effort it took to reach an elite level as an athlete.

Grandfather Lee and the Bees
By Theresa Newport Singleton
For ages 3-9 Take a journey with Grandfather Lee as he searches, finds, and attempts to steal honey from the Louisiana state bug, the honeybee. Does Grandfather Lee get the honey, or do the honeybees get Grandfather Lee? After the adventure, dance with th

Nature's Wisdom
By Patricia Daly-Lipe
How would it feel to be on a small sailboat far from land and be attacked by a micro-burst? What was it like to be at the helm of a 165 foot concrete schooner when water came rushing into the cabin?

Zydeco Zoom
By Theresa Newport Singleton
ges 5-12... Come experience the musical style of Louisiana's own, two-stepping Zydeco. As Zerick makes his first appearance on stage, he is nervous to the bone. Read to find out how he calms himself and thrills his listeners with his accordion playing. Th

Runt, the Little Hero
By Lesley Stein
Being small and clumsy doesn’t mean that our hero isn’t smart. Runt, the smallest puppy proves to his family that he is the most brave and intelligent amongst his siblings. He leads them on exciting adventures to find their way from the Puppy Mill.

Pierre's Empty Pouch
By Theresa Newport Singleton
For ages 3-9... Pierre le Bon is an Eastern Brown Pelican growing up in sunny Louisiana. He is getting older, too old to be fed by his loving parents. On a beautiful morning, Pierre ventures out to catch his own meal of savory fish. Pierre is so excited;

Messages from Nature: Short Stories and Vignettes
By Patricia Daly-Lipe
Messages from Nature is a collection of short stories about animals, trials at sea, and the evolutionary journey of man and nature. It is a book for all ages. Based on my personal experiences, most of the stories were previously published in newspapers

How Sweet It Is Without the Sugar: Delicious Desserts for Diabetics and Others (Paperback)
By Jean C. Wade
More and more Americans are being diagnosed with diabetes than ever before, and many others are realizing that they have a genetic predisposition (or lifestyle) that is likely to lead to diabetes, But what to do about the inevitable craving for dessert? We all have it, but diabetics have long been left without a satisfying, healthful way to enjoy a sweet treat after a meal. Jean C. Wade, a diabetic herself, has created a cookbook that is chock-full of welcome answers to the dilemma that plagues diabetics and dieters alike: how do you make delectable desserts without using sugar, honey, corn syrup, or molasses—all those highly caloric sweeteners that make blood sugar take off like a rocket? By carefully testing and experimenting with different sweeteners on the market, and often using fresh, ripe fruits and juices, Jean has come up with nearly 100 recipes that avoid the pitfalls to baking without sugar.

Category: Non Fiction

Mystery in The Forest
By Ken Shores
This book is about some of the mysterious stories that can come from the forest. This is a factious story that could be from real life. The story will challenge the reader in their life with what happen to these people. You will meet two families.

Moments In Time
By Amit Sarkar
Sarkar offers narratives of the minutiae of a child marriage and village life, along with the impact of World War II on India, its aftermath, and the sociopolitical developments that divulge the true story of independence and partition of the subcontinent into two nation-states. He recalls his adolescent love, his journey to Calcutta, and his love affair with a classmate that was predestined to be a tragedy. He describes his pioneering experience in building the infrastructure of the nascent government in the terrorist-ridden, hilly terrain of Mizoram and the broad-daylight assassination of the inspector general of police, his deputy, and a superintendent of police.

Where Do Doctors Hide Their Wings?
By Dennis McKenna
Where Do Doctors Hide Their Wings? Is a collection of 27 short stories. As incredulous as some may seem, they are all true. Some chapters will have you laughing while others might make you cry. The book is a recap of the author’s training as a PA and his first years in the field of medicine. The author’s mentors (doctors with wings) taught him to love their craft and to continually hunger for ever-expanding depths of knowledge. In his own words, “it was at their sides that I grew to love my patients as persons. They taught me how to distinguish the person from the malady, honoring the best in each of them so that they may, in turn, contribute to others.” This book is meant to start a conversation with patients saying to doctors, "show me your wings."

Middletown Roots
By Melvia Miller

ISBN: 0-595-23078-4

A study of "middle America" from the point of view of African-Americans lives. This unique book contains real-life events that took place in the lives of 20th century descendants of slaves. It also contains educational activities.

Honey's Big Adventure
By Kristen Willis
Honey and her girl, Gracie, embark on an adventure through the woods. Watching and listening to the sounds around them, Honey and Gracie discover that the woods are truly an exciting place to explore many of nature's wonders. But it's not as fun when you do it alone, which is a lesson Honey soon learns.

Dana Plato's Retreat
By David Schwartz
Diff’rent Strokes star Dana Plato holds up a video store and runs a swinger’s club in Phoenix true story tell all! Better than 50 Shades and My Cousin Vinny because it’s true!

Category: Parapsychology

The Haunted Whaley House
By Robert Wlodarski, and Anne Wlodarski
A history and guide to the most haunted house in America

Haunted Alcatraz
By Robert Wlodarski, Anne Wlodarski, and Michael Kouri
A history of La Isla de los Alcatraces, a guide to paranormal activity.

Category: Poetry

A Penny for Your Thoughts
By Johnson, Penny
A Penny for your Thoughts, written by contemporary American poet, Penny Johnson, Lexington, KY, is sure to delight any poetry lover. Poems about nature, love, life, death, philosophy and religion are sure to please any reader. Each poem is written to capture your attention and after you have read it you will be hungry to read more. Penny Johnson's poetry has been published nationwide and worldwide; some of her poetry has become song lyrics. She has many awards and trophies and is "International Writer of the Year 2003" awarded from Cambridge, England. Some of her poems are on The Joy of Poetry cassettes. Her poetry book is written to teach, fulfill, stroke, heal a wound or show beauty. Her main goal is to entertain, uplift, satisfy the poetry lover. It is written in such a way that it is sure to be a classic. Human nature is such that readers need good reading so that each person who reads will be enhanced. "Poetry is the song poets sing to beautify the whole world," Benny says. To be a poet is a gift and should be shared with as many poetry lovers as possible. A Penny for your Thoughts does just that. The first poem of the book and the last and every poem in between is your gift. Enjoy

9.11...NYC...The Days After...
By Loren Ellis
A collection of poetry, stories, art, lyrics and photography by those who were here 10 years ago in NYC. It is an interactive book with blank pages so all can be included with their art or story or poem.

Invincible Summer
By Iddings, Kathleen
This collection of poetry and others by Kathleen Iddings are available from West Angelina Publications, P.O. Box 2683, La Jolla CA 92038

Other Links :

By Orlando Ceaser
Free is a book of 93 poems separated into 5 modules; freedom, life, achievement, women and family. Each module is introduced with a short essay providing context for the poems that follow. The basic premise is that we are free or deserve to be free.

Portraits in Pen
By Sari Mercedes
ISBN: 0-9647225-0-X

A poignant journey through one woman's life in short story, poetry and narrative, illustrated with pen and ink by the author.

The Smokey Lounge
By Jose Garcia
The writing style to this book is again on relationships, lonesomeness, the hip scene teenagers and adults talk about, and, on another topic, nature. Poems written in Spanish have been followed by the English translation as well.

Teach the children to dance
By Orlando Ceaser
Teach the Children to Dance is a collection of 83 poems that represent a cross section of life experiences. The poetic styles range from contemporary, traditional rhyme to free verse.

Poetry For Everyday People
By Louyse Hulsey Scott

A collection of poetry written over a thirty year period in the author's life.

Poems include: Love, Mixed bag, Inspirational and Seasonal.

Finger Hingez
By Jose Garcia
New millennium collection of poetry that range from shamanistic nature observation to relationships to abstract thought.

Other Links :é-Gabriél-Garcia-ebook/dp/B07933W4KQ/ref...

Words of A Fallen Angel (A Book of Poems)
By Lindsay E. Dancker
This is a book of poetry.

Look for the Blessing
By Orlando Ceaser
The idea for this book came from numerous e-mails and verbal comments sent by people who read his first book, Teach the children to dance. This book contains 87 poems reflecting on personal experiences and the lives of many magnificent people.

Leadership Above the Rim
By Orlando Ceaser
In this every challenging market place, inspiring employees to develop their leadership abilities is high on your list of priorities. Leadership above the rim – the poetry of possibility, tackles this subject in a unique way.

Beauteous be Poesy
By Stacey L. Law
This poetry book is an anthology of beautiful poetics. It creates insights on various topics and nature. All poesies are of creative writing style and come to a well-rounded conclusion.

Jibberish & Rhyme
By Kevin A. Berg
Whimsical poetry and illustration for children using multiple intelligence and theory.

Poems of Life, Love and Bonds
By D. Duff Gray
D. Duff Gray was born and grew up in West Central Wisconsin. He lived in the State 42 years, packing up to make a move to Big Sky country, Montana. He has lived, worked, loved the land of Blue Skies.

Love Shows: The Collected Works of Lala Volume III
By Laura Washington Schreiner
The Works of Lala at the turn of the millennium have been clearly influenced by such poets as William Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. The love of the language makes it possible to describe an experience in such a way that one does not feel alone like a strange ethereal creature.The poet then becomes a friend somewhere in space and time, a kindred spirit, with recognition of a lonely circumstance. Like a line from "The Stranger Song" by Leonard Cohen, "We'll meet tomorrow if you choose upon the shore beneath the bridge that they are building on some endless river."

By Robert G. Vaughan
Brilliantly slippery pieces of flash fiction and longer form prose from the author of Addicts & Basements, and Rift (with Kathy Fish), among others. Robert Vaughan is unrivaled in his ability to suprise, stimulate and explore.

The Snow Child: Selected Works of Lala
By Laura Washington Schreiner
The Snow Child is a book of love and tears. The motherless child is a feeling we all have from time to time. These poems, by a mother, for her son, reveal true feelings towards love and harmony. As the song goes, "God Bless the Child."

Love Shows: The Collected Works of Lala Volume IV
By Laura Washington Schreiner
One would think, living alone on a mountain ridge would produce the net effect of one's having everything. In fact the impact of having to live day to day happy to breathe the mountain air is captured in the pages of this book. There are birds to feed and clothes to fold, there is romance, there is the life of hiking boots and bath oils, of warm gloves and nail polish, of quilts and computers. All is inlaid with the life and the love, the freaks and the fights, the saints and the sailors.

Sunshine of My Soul
By Carolyn Rae Fantz
In this portable volume of inspirational poetry espousing the Christian lifestyle, Carolyn Fantz sketches out the joys, sorrows, trials and celebrations of a life lived in God. It gives an encouraging look at the dilemma of the modern

Love Shows The Collected Works of Lala by Rose
By Laura Washington Schreiner
An eclectic collection of poetry and song lyrics compiled over a period of thirty years, from heartfelt to whimsical

Love Shows: The Collected Works of Lala
By Laura Washington Schreiner
The art, love and aspirations the singer and poet Rose, from the wistful adolecent, through the young seeker to the aging mystic are captured and actuated as the pages turn.

Poems for God's Riches
By Bennie Lilley
A collection of these poems written over a span of forty years. Each poem serves as a reminder of the gifts that God is waiting to bestow on his children, gifts of hope, guidance, love, and salvation. Carefully crafted to uplift the reader and to glorify God, Poems for God's Riches provides a greater understanding of who God is and the depth of his love for each of us. Lilley's poetry spans a wide range of topics, including education, spirituality, family, and politics. It's perfect to use for personal encouragement or to quote to friends and loved ones who have made an impact on your life. Read, enjoy, and learn more about the God who inspires the thoughts behind the words.

Addicts & Basements
By Robert Vaughan
Drawing its energy from society's underbelly-the dim corner booths of bars, the stalls of public bathrooms, the thickets of unkempt parks-Vaughan's book is part prose poem, part fractured sonnet, part Whitmanian love-cry

Diptychs + Triptychs + Lipsticks + Dipshits
By Robert Vaughan
Diptychs is crafted from lush poetic prose. On one hand some pieces are abstract, cryptic and disturbing; while on the other hand, others are totally straight forward, without any artifice, tricks or distractions

Category: Politics

Geopolitics: RE-visioning World Politics
By John Agnew
Geopolitics identifies and scrutinizes the central features of geopolitics from the sixteenth century to the present, paying close attention to its persisting conceptual underpinnings, novel turns and shifting impacts. The book focuses on five key concepts of the modern geopolitical imagination: visualizing the world as a whole; the definition of geographical areas as 'advanced' or 'primitive'; the notion of the state being the highest form of political organization; the pursuit of primacy by competing states; and the necessity for hierarchy.

The Fraternity: Lawyers And Judges In Collusion
By Molloy, John F.
As lawyer and judge for half a century, John Fitzgerald Molloy has both profited from our legal system and seen how it has been altered in favor of lawyers, to the detriment of society. The book starts with the evolution of the Fraternity, with the author using vivid descriptions of particular cases in which he was involved. He shows that the legal profession has continuously re-shaped the law, in subtle but significant ways, to make legal services ever more necessary—and more lucrative for the Fraternity. The power the Fraternity now exercises, including the power to decide President Bush over Gore, has been accomplished by creating a new religion, that of worshiping the Constitution in ways the founders did not intend—with lawyers and judges the priests of that religion. Lawyers may not appreciate the revelations in this book, but they should be very interested, for this author knows the profession well, and his analysis will resonate with their own experience. For those who have been appalled by the large fees charged for lawyers’ services, this book will be an enlightenment. For those who appreciate vignettes coming from some of the most interesting cases hitting our courts, this book will be captivating. Molloy documents terrible deficiencies in our legal system and presents practical solutions, such as separating the bench and the bar as is done in other countries in the world. Other publications that decry the ascendancy of lawyers offer no suggestion as to how their power can be curbed. This book does.

Servant Leadership: Tear down Pyramids, Empower Followers
By Samuel Enyia
The focus of this book is on how applying the principles, practices, strategies, and strengths of servant leadership can help leaders revolutionize their leadership culture and practices to maximize performance outcomes, whose core strength is in serving

Category: Reference

The LastingMatters Organizer: Where loved ones find what matters most
By Barbara Bates Sedoric
LastingMatters Organizer is a roadmap to your essential information and wishes. Don't leave your legacy or important instructions to chance. Help those who care about you most by planning ahead for the future.

Understanding The Americans with Disabilities Act A compliance guide for health professionals and employers
By Nathan Goldenthal, MD,MPH,FACPM

The Meriam-Webster Dictionary
By (Home and Office Edition)
A rich language resource that doesn't cost a king's ransome!

The Book On Greatness: How To Keep Shining Your Light
By Mary Pulles Cavanaugh
Mary became an avid independent researcher in 2007 by necessity when her youngest daughter was diagnosed on the Autism spectrum aka vaccine induced brain injury at age 11.

AIDS: Passageway to Transformation
By C. Norman Shealy
Addresses the reasons why AIDS has manifested at this time in history. Prevention and treatment recommendations emphasize the important role one's belief structures and attitudes play in a person's receptivity to, and treatment of, this deadly menace.

Category: Religion

My Journey Begins (My Journey Into Faith and Love Book 1)
By Hillary Lewis
Come join Denise as she takes you from her innocence to understanding who God is in her life. Cry, Laugh and Learn as she takes you along with her when she Stands Up and takes back her energy to discover where her destiny leads her in Christ.

The Confluence: Understanding One Word Can Change Everything
By Robert Smith
What if a king wanted to meet with you? Would it be life-changing... or would it be disappointing? It has been a life-long war that currently has no end in sight.

Trouble In The Temple
By George Neumann
The body of every born-again believer becomes the temple of the Holy Spirit. How can we know that the Holy Spirit dwells in us? Are we supposed to feel Him? Or hear Him? In simple terms, this volume explains how

Revealing Truth
By Linda L. Lange
Comprised life skills teachings from the Christian perspective. Topics include Restoring Relationships, healing, forgiveness, abandonment and rejection, abortion, fear, dread, guilt and condemnation, anger, co- dependency, frustration, baptism, holiness, knowledge and understanding, discernment, and much much more. Filled with stories and insights to help you on your life journey

39 Elements of Femininity: A Course for Women to become the Glory of Men, whom are the Image of God
By Olive Swan
This course is for any Woman who wants to perfect her femininity in every area of her life: mental, spiritual, & physical. This book brings the science of the feminine arts to you in the form of natural and accessible action.

Fearless Living
By Linda L. Lange
A Christian based workbook designed to help find freedom from fear, anxiety, stress, panic attacks and phobias or anything that plagues you from living a full and abundant life. We will address things like: Where did fear come from? Who is responsible for fear in our lives? Can we get rid of fear, if so, how? Should a Christian have fear? Is there any good fear? What is the antidote to fear? And many more questions answered. We need to find peace in this world today, we need to face the fear and overcome it, and this workbook has already equipped many who now are living fearlessly.

Almighty God Said Remember!
By George Neumann
This volume provides a spiritual review, not only of the Ten Commandments, but also of the reader's own spirituality.

55 Days: Memoirs of Life in God's Hands
By Tom Glenn
It has been said there are no coincidences in life. The Bible tells us God's timing is always perfect, even when we can't recognize it. The death of the author's wife revealed this clearly to him. This is the true story of a young soldier.

Letters to My Lord
By Tiffany Johnson-Pittman
Have you ever wondered if God really hears your prayers or why God lets seemingly bad things happen in your life? In her second book, Letters to My Lord, Tiffany T. Johnson-Pittman shares some of her most intimate songs and prayers to the Lord

God's Plan for Abundant Living: Five Biblical Principles upon which to Build Your Financial House
By David R. Finch
presentation of five fundamental and biblical-based principles by which God would have us live our lives. They are not original to me, only discovered by me. They came out of a nine-hour seminar that had been developed in the 1980s.

33 Day Devotional for Feminine Women
By Olive Swan
Looking for a true Biblical perspective of Femininity? Follow this day by day guide to deeper spiritual, mental, and physical femininity for believers. This book matches scripture with practical action and advice for women living in modern times.

The Tool Box
By David E. Graziani
The Tool Box is a potpourri of phrases, sayings, and one liners; along with spiritual wisdom collected from the bible and several other religions. The Tool Box is designed to share the teachings of mindfulness and provides enlightenment.

Other Links :

Roller Coaster
By D.L. Marshall
A story of faith, respect, inspiration, knowledge, choices and action. After reading this book of hope you'll find that you can get joy after you have suffered

I'm A Daughter Of The King
By Tisha M. Lett
I’m a Daughter of the King is a perfect book for girls of all ages. The text consists of two or three lines of rhyming text on each spread alongside the refrain “I’m a Daughter of the King” to help reiterate that they are indeed daughters of the King.

My Book is My Story: Surrendering My Journey to the Holy Spirit
By L.A. Virgil-Maldonado
This book is a poetic journey comprised of mini chapters resembling a modern day Biblical Psalms. Like Psalms, this is a writer's deepest expressions, sincerest conversations with God and the depiction of hope in Him. Despite the mess ups, there is true repentance, and compassion for us as individuals and moreover as a human race. The Holy Spirit has guided me and God has sustained my life so that I can proclaim His works. Although some may see this as controversial I plead with you to be non judgmental for these are my encounters, stories, accounts, events and thoughts that many experience but are afraid of expressing in fear of being seen as odd. Hopefully as you journey with me you will realize that we are more of the same than different, especially when we recognize that it is all about being led by our Creator. When in doubt I dare you to try Him out! Take the challenge and surrender to that which already lies within you, just turn on that light switch, who I call friend, guide, comforter, vindicator and most of all partner. Put your seatbelt on and embrace my limitless journey with the Holy Spirit!

The Truth Makes You Free
By Linda L. Lange
Workbook is designed help build a firm foundation in the Lord God so that whatever comes your way, you'll have the faith, confidence and strength to go through. That is freedom! Freedom isn't having everything perfect, it's being able to go through things without falling to pieces. This book is filled with practical application, insights and stories to help you on your journey to your freedom.

Let's Roll: Granma Janie Rocks
By Janie Sue Wilkins
Janie feels that God is using her as His messenger to help mankind in a hurting world!

Is There A God? How Do You Know?
By Ken Shores
All of God’s world is a stage. We are but mere actors playing our role in this thing called life. Some play bit parts and feel insignificant. Others take the lead and impact many. Those behind the scenes may feel unappreciated or unimportant.

365 Days of Inspirational Interludes
By Angelica Wolf
Provides inspirational ways of communicating with God, faith and the spiritual.

Why Marriage Is Important to God
By Terence White Sr.
Why does God care? He cares because he loves us and yearns to see his creation blessed and fruitful. He told Adam and Eve to replenish the earth and gave them the means to do so.

Other Links :

So Your Name is Olive...
By Olive Swan
If your Name is Olive or you know an Olive, you might want to pick up this book! Learn, in just a few pages, what the name Olive means, its spiritual implications, and how is relates to your destiny.

Healing by Soul: A Journey to Joy
By Debra Soul
In a world filled with chaos, anxiety, and nonstop stress, almost everyone craves peace, tranquility, and a sense of calm in their lives. Heal by Soul will inspire you to embark on a spiritual journey. This book offers an array of strategies.

What Was I Thinking?
By Linda Lange, Caspar McCloud
What Was I Thinking? reveals marvelous links between the functions of the human brain, the Commandments of God, and your physical and emotional health. Presented in a reader-friendly discussion style, a strong case is made that people must choose whether to follow the path of stress (fear) or the path of faith. Understanding these links brings new insight to help you achieve healthier lifestyle results, including emotional and physical healing, freedom, and greater effectiveness for Christ.

Category: Science

The Fallacy Of Biological Evolution vs The Divine Miracles Of Life And Creation.
By Lewis J. Marcon

The book contains two hundred pages of factual information in the fields of science, biology and scripture to verify the above subjects.

Price: $16.30 Post paid. To order Call 609-783-9017

Edwin Lincoln Moseley (1865-1948): Naturalist, Scientist, Educator
By Relda E. Niederhofer and Ronald L. Stuckey
A hardbound book on the life and contributions of E.L. Moseley, distingusihed Ohio naturalist and educator in Sandusky High School and first professor of science in the Bowling Green State Normal College, professsor emeritus and long-range weather forecaster.

Quantitative Analytical Chemistry
By James S. Fritz
A Comprehensive introduction to analytical chemistry.

Theory and Practice of Radiation Thermometry
By D.P. DeWitt and Gene D. Nutter 1988
The only available comprehensive in-depth treatment of the subject of radiation thermometry. 1138 pages 28 contributing authors. Complete development of theory for laboratory and industrial applications.

My God
By Otis G. Erich
Combines Science and Theology. 244 pages

Earth Materials and Earth Processes: An Introduction, 3rd Edition Lynn S. Fichter, G. Thomas Farmer, Julia S. Clay, 1991
By G. Thomas Farmer

ISBN 0-02-337165-X

Earth Materials and Earth Processes is an introduction to physical geology with a selected group of exercises which prepare the student for a smooth transition to historical geology. It consists of a set of preliminary exercises to each major laboratory session which the student is required to read prior to class.

Earth Material and Earth Process Introduction, 3rd Edition
By Lynns Fichter, G. Thomas Farmer and Julia S. Clay

Introduction to Physical and Historical Geology.

A combination textbook and laboratory manual

V. A. Meien's Fish Culture in Rice Fields
By H.S. Forest (editor)
A book about aquatic ecology

Process Analytical Technology: Spectroscopic Tools and Implementation Strategies for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Indus
By Dr. Katherine A. Bakeev
This is an authoritative book on the topic of process analytical technology, with 12 chapters covering many of the spectroscopic techniques as well as chemometrics and implementation needs for process analytical. It covers the tools, with many examples of how they have been used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. This book will serve as critical introduction to anyone wishing to do work in process analytical technology.

The Freedom Element: Living with Hydrogen
By Bain, Addison
Is hydrogen a safe and viable fuel or has its outstanding potential been lost with the Hindenburg myth? Dr. Bain's forensic research reveals some startling evidence. It is time for us to get informed about hydrogen and become advocates of its implementation as an inexhaustible clean fuel and energy carrier. Get the scientific facts, as Dr. Bain, a former NASA hydrogen expert, shows how hydrogen can now become our Freedom Element, thus releasing us from the shackles of the Petroleum Czars.

Advances in Urethane Science and Technology
By Dr. Daniel Klempner and Dr. Kurt C. Frisch
The book describes the fundamentals and applications of plastic and rubber foams, elastomers, coatings, adhesives, sealants, and recycling of polyurethanes.

Category: Self Help

Unlock Your Leadership Greatness
By Orlando Ceaser
To Unlock Your Leadership Greatness, you must start from the premise that greatness exists within you. Greatness is an infinite potential to reflect a significant purpose. It is not arrogance of superiority, rather a hunger to live a life of meaning.

The Empty Nest The Second Time Around
By Ejay Wyndesh
In a series of heartwarming essays, author Ejay Wyndesh shares the wisdom and perspective gleaned from her early childhood through her senior citizen years to encourage women who suffer from “empty nest syndrome.” Follow Wyndesh through her various experiences, from growing up with immigrant grandparents to the angst of adolescence, and from being a mother to being a great-grandmother. Each stage of her life shaped her in a different way, and Wyndesh artfully expresses these changes in The Empty Nest the Second Time Around. At the heart of Wyndesh’s journey is her appreciation of previous generations’ traditions and loyalties. Decades of heartwarming, family-oriented experiences provide a realistic background for Wyndesh’s essays. Through her prose, she teaches upcoming generations that loving and honoring family is fun work, and that dedicating yourself and your life to obeying and serving God will strengthen your family tree’s branches for the future. But it’s also important to recognize your progress through the years and how each new level changes your perspective. If you’re feeling depressed by your empty nest, take a moment to ponder Wyndesh’s uplifting insights. They’ll inspire you to cherish your family memories and pass them on to future generations. A life long Pennsylvania resident, Ejay Wyndesh is a Christian great-grandmother and retired home-health care nurse.

Life Cycle Tool Workbook and Guide
By Melvora Jackson
This book will help change the way you think and react to life's problems. You will learn the importance of staying in the solution and not the problem. Learn how to improve the quality of your life.

Look Through The Window
By Arnita L. Ware
Traumatic events never leave lives untouched, but often the effects hide beneath the surface. At only 20 years of age, a secret forced upon her pushes Arnita over the edge and she suffers a nervous breakdown with a subsequent diagnosis of bipolar disorder

Protect Yourself: The Simple Keys Women Need to be Safe and Secure
By Steve A. Kovacs
Drawing on his professional experience in helping women learn self-defense, author Steve Kovacs offers a practical, encouraging guide for women in Protect Yourself: The Simple Keys Women Need to be Safe and Secure. Most women’s safety guides cover the specifics of fighting off attackers. But Protect Yourself focuses on commonsense strategies women can implement daily. By taking certain precautions and adapting specific behaviors, women can greatly increase their chances of avoiding violence. A former police officer who himself was a two-time victim of violent crime at a young age, Kovacs offers a practical approach to learning self-defense and discusses key issues: What criminals look for Home security Safety while on the go Tools to protect women Defending yourself in an attack The real foundation for women’s self protection is the ability to identify certain attitudes, behaviors, and universal truths. Understanding these concepts is simple yet essential to helping women of all ages in developing characteristics and thinking patterns that will enable them to lead safer, more empowered lives. Don’t become a victim of violence—let Protect Yourself: The Simple Keys Women Need to be Safe and Secure teach you to protect yourself!

Spirit of Abundance® Audios
By Chris L. Self & Mary Anne Redmond
Catch the train where finances are fun and the journey's hosted by internationally acclaimed motivator & humorist Suzie Humphreys. Vital nuggets of knowledge are presented in each topic, with surprises, discoveries, and laughter along the otherwise unscripted way. Like Suzie (in her 60's), Terri (in her 40's) and Karrie (in her 20's) are new to the world of financial planning. They openly share their questions, their fears, and their growing confidence as they travel on the Spirit of Abundance® Train. Each topic specialist explains her or his answers with care and clarity, providing a supportive voice wherever you are in your financial journey. Enjoy these audios as you, too, participate in the conversations and own the wisdom & know-how at the heart of effective financial management. These are great to review anytime. Each of the 12 topics is approximately 30 minutes in length. The wisdom, inspiration, and know-how are designed to remain relevant:

Whose Body Is It Anyway?: Smart Alternative and Traditional Health Choices for Your Total Well-Being
By Joan Kenley
Like a fireside chat with a woman who cares, here's an essential guide to help women organize their thoughts and questions about alternative and traditional treatment choices-from the popular psychologist and women's health and speaking-voice expert. Joan Kenley's own frustrating, almost fatal search for the right medical choice for her "female condition" triggered her passion to help other women more easily understand the medical maze of options thrown at them. With guidance from a distinguished advisory council, Dr. Kenley covers a wide range of concerns, including menopause symptoms, hormone replacement, sexual concerns, heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, incontinence, image and weight issues, plastic surgery, nutrition, exercise, and skin care. A unique feature of Whose Body Is It Anyway? is its accessible format: the print is easy to read, and important points are in bold so that readers can zero in on the most pertinent information quickly. The book is filled with charts, diagrams, and simple graphics; a "Just Do It" checkup schedule; a diagnostic questionnaire ("Your Health History Is You") and the author's deeply inspiring "Promise Between Friends Contract"-to encourage a buddy sysem whereby two friends can help each other schedule important regular checkups and, if needed, offer companionship through illness.

Journey to Wellness: A Guide to the 12-Steps of Recovery
By Kerry Dennis
A guide to working the 12 Steps of recovery based on what the early founders knew for people who are in the early and middle stages of recovery, or those who have mature sobriety that want to enhance their recovery experience. It is also for professionals

Female Empowerment - A Personal Journey
By Kim Goff
Female Empowerment - A Personal Journey provides an intimate portrait of the writer's experiences: an estrangement from her critical and unsupportive maternal family, divorce, depression, betrayal of friendships, financial struggles and being the parent of an autistic child. Throughout her life, Kim learns to empower herself to get beyond these obstacles and to acquire the successful life she had always wanted. Kim is hoping that her experiences will help others.

Quest for your Empowered Self: Life Skills to Help You Live, Thrive, and Produce Like Never Before
By Thomas V. Ventimiglia
The life skills, techniques and exercises in this book will help you gain confidence to live the life of your dreams. The book seeks to help you answer the four meaningful questions: Who am I? (Identity) Where am I going? (Direction) Why am I going there?

From the Pits to the Palace: One Woman's Journey to Self-Realization
By Carrie H. Johnson
A desperate struggle to survive becomes an inspirational journey of personal growth and enlightenment

Fides Qua Creditur: Can I Live Better
By Lawrence Alford
This text you hold is designed to enrich your thinking. To know your thoughts is to know yourself. The words and sentences inside will take your conscience to an alternative level of function that will encourage you to tell yourself and a friend.

Lifeline to Young Mothers
By Paula Lytle
Lifeline to Young Mothers is written for young mothers struggling in this role. Four areas of knowledge are discussed: housekeeping, enjoying and disciplining children, creating easy, nutritious meals, and taking care of yourself. Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions are given for young women who did not have role models from whom to learn these lessons

Detour to Straight Street
By Karen D. Lewis
What do you do when you’re “fresh out,” homeless, divorced, a mother of 2 boys, and battling with pride and rejection?

The Amazing Discovery
By Tracy Burch
This book addresses a very serious concern in our society. It is being abused and used by men; first of all we need to end this cycle of abuse. I am qualified to write this because my sister has been abused and used by men all her life, and she is the person who inspired me to write these self-help non-fiction short stories, the inspirational guide. Langston Hughes has inspired me also to continue to write about the personal, social problems in our society, especially domestic violence toward women and children. I hope my poetry and short stories will inspire other writers to write about their experiences.

It Takes Courage To Be A Caregiver: Answers & Tips for Caregivers of Parents, Special Needs and Others
By Cheryl Ginnings
Caregivers struggle when they are thrust into the role of being responsible for others. It might be a newborn child with special needs, or an aging parent with Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

Angel Works: Soaring from Abuse to Love, Forgiveness and Enlightenment
By Barbara Anne Rose
I remember being born. Feeling sensations and movements within my mother's womb. This is not just a story of events that I have lived but of victorious survival. Feel every emotion inside of you. Laugh, cry, vent, feel all emotions that run through you.

Bullying, Child Abuse and Domestic Violence: Creating a Positive Outcome Out of a Negative Situation. You Are an "Overcomer!"
By Nathan Chlumsky
Bullying, Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, and violence as a whole are parts things that have plagued our society since the beginning of time.

The Isle of Knowledge: A Journey of Inspiration and Discovery
By Orlando Ceaser
The Isle of Knowledge is a journey of inspiration and discovery. People spend their entire lives wondering about purpose and the meaning of life. I was no different. However, I did not restrict my questions to the meaning of life.

Secrets of Successful Actors
By Henderson, Sue Porter
Secrets Of Successful Actors is written by a working actor for actors. It offers hundreds of valuable tips, ideas and resources for the beginning actor and those who may need a refresher. It is also for the actor whose career is stalled-"they can't seem to jump from extra to principal." (It may even be useful to parents who want their "future stars" to know it takes work to act.)

Unlock the Secrets of Ozone Leadership: Natural principles to move from acceptable to exceptional results at work, home and school
By Orlando Ceaser
A compelling fable that emphasizes the importance of a healthy culture on achieving outstanding results. Many organizations have created a climate where employees withhold information and refuse to take risks because of fear.

Emotional Mind Modeling
By Hugh D. Fulcher
A psycho physiotherapy, self healing mind improvement book to reduce the stress and strain of everyday life

3 Levels of Femininity™: with 9 Therapeutic based Art Activities to Assist your Ascension
By Olive Swan
There are many elements of Femininity, which I share in my first book, 39 Elements of Femininity. This book reveals the degrees of Femininity that has never been explored before. Learn what they are and how you can rise to the highest grade.

Category: Sociology

Immigration In America's future
By David Heer
Immigration policy is one of the most contentious issues facing the United States today. This timely and informative book invites readers to examine the data and trends and, ultimately, make up their own minds about what our national immigration policy should be.

Category: Spirituality

What Manner of Love is This
By Tiffany Johnson-Pittman
Have you ever experienced a time in your life when you felt alone-like no one cared or loved you? Maybe things weren't right between you and your family. Perhaps the friends that you thought were true turned out to be enemies.

Book and tape list
By Dr. Kumuda Reddy

All Love Flows To The Self
Eternal Stories from the Upanishads--ISBN# 1-929297-05-X

For a Blissful Baby Healthy and Happy Pregnancy with Maharishi Vedic Approach
To Health---ISBN# 1-929297-00-9

Conquering Chronic Disease Through Maharishi Vedic Medicine
ISBN# 1-929297-01-7

Ayureda Baby Massage
ISBN# 1-929297-03-3

Golden Transition Menopause With Maharishi Vedic Medicine
ISBN# 1-929297-17-3

Curing Arthritis and Fibromylgia
ISBN# 1-929297-18-1

The Eternal Story of Love
ISBN# 1-929-297-04-1

Spirit at Work: A Journey of Healing
By Lois M. Gran
Captivating and inspiring, this is a story of how dedication to self-discovery and personal growth, persevering through illness and deformity, led to the healing of body, mind and spirit. Learn how to bring healing to your own life problems, to resolve them forever.

Trying to Get to Heaven; Opinions of a Tennessee Talker
By Dixie Carter
Known to millions as Julia Sugarbaker of Designing Women, Dixie Carter now offers her personal report on the possibility of happiness and an ode to beauty (inside and out), family, and the spirit.

True Work-Doing What You Love and Loving What You Do
By Michael Toms and Justine Willis Toms
This book looks at work as service and as a spiritually sustaining activity that promotes healing. Full of stories and helpful techniques culled from their radio interviews with Joseph Campbell, Buckminster Fuller, the Dalai Lama, Alice Walker, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Marsha Sinetar, Gary Zukav and many others.

The Highest Mountain
By John Worman

ISBN: 0-595-01031-8

Bill, a college junior, thinks he’s found his soul mate. Now, after waiting patiently for his true love, he leaves home to pursue her. Like most young men, he believes he can accomplish anything. But, he is naïve, impulsive and inexperienced. Just when he thinks everything is beginning to go according to his plans, an unforeseen obstacle stands in his way, something so terrible that Bill risks losing everything, even his sanity.

Category: Technology

Essentials of ATM Networks and Services
By Oliver C. Ibe, Addison-Wesley 1997

But Will It Print?: Prepress File Requirements Every Graphic Designer Must Know But Won't Learn in School
By Karen Peduzzi
Everything about pre-press requirements you must know to take your design files to the printer, and not have to pay one dime in art, layout, setup, file preparation, or any other pre-press fees.

Remote Access Networks and Remote Services: The Internet Access Companion
By Oliver C. Ibe, John Wiley, 1999

The Book of ScSi
By Peter M. Ridge
An easy guide to help computer users to make the most of ScSi devices.

Ultrasonics: Fundamentals, Technology, Applications
By Dale Ensminger
This book covers basic principles for applying ultrasonics, the equations necessary for designing systems for its use, and the major low-intensity and high-intensity applications of ultrasonics. It also includes tables of important acoustical properties of fluids and solids.

Antenna Engineering Handbook 3rd edition
By Charles M. Knop and Richard C. Johnson