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Bronze Mirrors of Ancient China
By Donald H. Graham, Jr.
A lavishly illustrated book of 312 pages with 248 full color illustrations. Accompaning the essay on the history of Chinese bronze mirrors by a leading expert in the field.

Ebony & Ivory
By Melvia Miller

ISBN: 0-595-21329-4

An in-depth look at cultural diversity. A powerful collection of fables, stories and articles concerning the critical issues of racial hostility, diversity, health care, and civil rights. Contains exercises and games also.

''Permission to Kill'' and ''ThunderHawks'' The Video Documentary.

The Saint's Day Deaths
By Albert Noyer

344 pages, soft cover $16.95

Creative Arts Book Co.

A historical suspense novel set in the early 5th century at Mainz, Germany.

When a series of citizen deaths occurs on the person's namesake's day, Treverius and Blandina must determine why, who will be next, and how to protect potential victims...including themselves.

''An evocative and authentically detailed historical mystery''

Patriarch Of Ovington
By Sallie Lee Short
Take a journey to the town of Ovington during World War I,& II, the Prohibition, and Depression. Read about the city founder's life including love, compassion and justice. Thomas was a small, but powerful man, and memories of him lived on, as he left "a community secured, because he loved these people." Relearn the lesson of the human spirit enduring adversity, through the story of "The Patriarch of Ovington."

Ideologies in Conflict : A Cold War Docu-Story
By Adams, Christopher S.
The author characterizes this book as a "docu-story". As such, it is an exceptionally well-researched and skillfully written chronology of the history of Russia, the Soviet Union and the cold War. The work is unusual and unique. It is unusual because unlike most books of an historical nature, it is free-flowing and not tightly structured. It is unique because it is written with considerable input from the author's personal experiences interwoven with perceptions and anecdotal observations. The work is Assertive: "I have no doubt that there was Cold War. I fought in it." (The Author); Candid: "Stalin is an unconscionable dictator, but I liked the little son-of-a-bitch." (Truman); Provocative: "Truman is worthless." (Stalin); and Challenging: "Why not set a goal, just between the two of us; let's find a practical way to solve our critical issues." (Reagan) and "we can set a specific agenda for how to straighten-out Soviet-American relations." (Gorbachev). Finally, it is Cautionary: "The world has become in many respects a safer place, unfortunately, it is also still a dangerous place, fraught with uncertainty." (Commander-in-Chief, US Strategic Command) and: "The missile force is in the same state of readiness as ten years ago. My men and my missiles are always ready." (General of the Army, Igor Sergeyev, Republic of Russia.)

A CRUEL CALM: Paris Between The Wars
By Patricia Daly-Lipe
A moving love story set in the era between World Wars I and II, a time of idealism and innovation when Paris was the cultural capital of the Western World.

Historic Tales of La Jolla (American Chronicles)
By Patricia Daly-Lipe
The first settlers to arrive here in 1869 purchased 160 acres for two dollars and change. La Jolla attracted artists, architects, writers and scientists over the years, contributing to today's prized reputation as a valuable world-class destination.

The Templers
By R. Howard Trembly
On April 12, 1861, the Civil War of the United States began when the Confederate States of America fired on Fort Sumter. The war officially lasted until April 9, 1865.

Last of the Annamese
By Tom Glenn
A novel that transcends the limitations of "war fiction," Tom Glenn's Last of the Annamese is a book that examines the choices forced upon those who fight wars, those who flee them, and those who survive them.

P-47 Pilots - The Fighter-Bomber Boys
By Tom Glenn
This is a book about combat in WWII. It is also about patriotism, honor and plain old fashioned guts to do a job that had to be done regardless of personal sacrifice.

Friendly Casualties (Stories from Nam Book 1)
By Tom Glenn
Friendly Casualties, a novel in stories, is centered on the TÍt Offensive of 1968. It tells the stories of casualties, Vietnamese and American, of the Vietnam war.