Lifetime Achievement Award

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David W. Luke

Title: Cook and Chef
Industry: Healthcare/Culinary
Type of Organization: Assisted Living Facility
Major Product/Service: Providing geriatric and elderly care
Expertise: Mr. Luke has over 32 years experience. In addition to overseeing kitchen staff, he prepares food for the executive staff, coworkers and other employees and is in charge of ordering and deliveries. Mr. Luke also serves as a banquet chef at a local country club and trains new employees. He has participated in several cooking challenges and competitions for the Pork Producers, Feast of the Great Chefs and March of Dimes charity. He has taught cooking classes and participated in wine dinners. Mr. Luke provides catering services for weddings and parties.
Geographic Area of Distribution: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Born: September 6, 1969, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Hobbies/Sports: Reading, gardening, bike riding, travel, walking, boating, cooking for friends and family, spending time with his daughter with whom he reconnected after 19 years
Children: Kelsey, Shanice, Jonathan, Ashley Marie; Grandchildren: Dayton, Karsyn, Alexander, Severus
Work History: Previously, Mr. Luke worked at numerous restaurants, hotels and cafes over the past 32 years. He served as a Cook and Chef at Royal Fork, Cracked Pot, Playhouse Pizza, Sheraton Hotel, Sirloin Stockade, Coyote Canyon, TGIFridays, Good Samaritan and the Minnehaha Country Club.