Professional of the Year - Entertainment/Art

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Sandra Bergen Strength

Title: Design Consultant
Industry: Entertainment/Art
Type of Organization: Self-Employed, Freelance
Major Product/Service: Movies, sets, paintings, costumes , music and logos
Expertise: Ms. Strength works on movie sets, theatre/play sets, costumes, music logos and position lines within the entertainment industry. She specializes in the use of colors and design and ensures that projects are aesthetically and environmentally correct within the context of the projects. She is also interested in consulting on landscaping and sits on the CCSM Board for Affordable Housing.
Geographic Area of Distribution: International
University/Degree: B.A., Psychology, Stanford University, 1965; Attended, Art Center College of Design, Santa Monica College
Born: August 30, 1943, North Island, California
Hobbies/Sports: Reading, painting, surfing
Children: Dana A. Strength, Adeline Bryant, Raymond A. Strength (deceased); 4 Grandchildren
Career Accomplishments: Ms. Strength enjoys working on cutting-edge entertainment projects with socially meaningful messages.