Professional of the Year - Education/Administration and Fine Arts

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Maureen E. Marshall-Jeffers

Title: Educator and Administrator, Retired
Industry: Education
Type of Organization: Education Department
Major Product/Service: Education
Expertise: Dr. Marshall-Jeffers retired after more than 30 years of teaching. She taught elementary and middle school. She served as an administrator and team teacher and was responsible for peer to peer mentoring. Dr. Marshall-Jeffers plans to continue as an educator and open a school of fine arts for children beginning at age 3.
Geographic Area of Distribution: New York City, New York
Affiliations: A.S.C.D.; N.E.A.
University/Degree: Ed.D., College of New Rochelle, 2003
Born: Trinidad, Tobago
Hobbies/Sports: Travel, church choir, Educational Director of church
Children: 2 Sons
Work History: Ms. Marshall-Jeffers began her educational career in Trinidad/Tobago teaching early childhood. While residing in St. Croix, she dabbled in fashion design and tailoring. She studied piano music, both theory and practical.
Career Accomplishments: Dr. Marshall-Jeffers intertwines her students and her daily experiences as the canvas for learning. She is an avid traveler whose many adventurous experiences and exposure to the world have empowered her to embrace aspects of all culture, and knows that the world is the "best classroom." She recognizes herself as one resource and utilizes a plethora of modalities to tap into various learning styles of her students, her future leaders, students, peers, and all she has the privilege to serve.