Professional of the Year - Pharmacy/Operations

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Pam Gumbs

Title: Owner and CEO
Industry: Pharmacy
Type of Organization: Pharmacy
Major Product/Service: Providing personalized pharmaceutical services in conjunction with patients' full medical history
Expertise: Dr. Gumbs has over 40 years experience and has been with the current company for 20 years. She is responsible for operations including hiring, inventory, customer relations and consulting. Dr. Gumbs provides community service for Alameda County regarding substance abuse and educating youth. She provides consultation services on all medications but specializes in asthma and respiratory disorders. She also conducts Medication Therapy Management services for all patients. Dr Gumbs is the Consultant Pharmacist for the City of Berkeley.
Geographic Area of Distribution: Berkeley, California
Affiliations: President, American Society of Consultant Pharmacists, California Chapter; President, Alameda County Pharmacists Association; The Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International; American Society of Consultant Pharmacists; California Pharmacists Association; Pharmacy Representative, Alameda Alliance Health Association
University/Degree: Pharm.D., University of California at San Francisco School of Pharmacy, 1975; Geriatrics Residency, University of California at San Francisco Geriatric Institute
Born: August 6, 1943, Massachusetts
Hobbies/Sports: Golf, reading, writing, sewing, museums, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra