Professional of the Year - Educational Consulting

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Hanine Mansour-Fakih

Title: President, Founder, and Owner
Industry: Educational Consulting
Type of Organization: Educational Consulting
Major Product/Service: Providing educational consulting services to national and international schools
Expertise: With over 22 years experience in grades Pre-K through 12 and on the college level, Mrs. Mansour-Fakih has an extensive portfolio of success driving operations, staff leadership and training, curriculum development, best practices, student services, compliance, and programs at foreign and domestic schools and universities. She has a background in leadership, decision-making, relationship building, communication, interpersonal, analytical, and problem-solving skills. Mrs. Mansour-Fakih understands the daily challenges educators and administrators face. She supports teachers and administrators across the US and internationally providing proven strategies they can use effectively and immediately in their classrooms. She has been helping stressed and frustrated educators and administrators gain control of their classroom and schools to ensure students’ success. She also shares highly practical differentiated instructional strategies that support the Common Core State Standards and students’ achievement. She speaks English, French, and Arabic.
Geographic Area of Distribution: International
Affiliations: National Society of Leadership & Success; American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages; Michigan Association of Public-School Academies; National Capital Language Resource Center
University/Degree: B.A., Education, Minor in Psychology, University of Saint Joseph, Lebanon; M.A., School Administration, University of Phoenix; M.A., Mathematics, Brooklyn College; Candidate, Ed.D., Educational Leadership, University of Phoenix
Hobbies/Sports: Swimming, music, dancing, movies
Spouse: Rabih
Married: August, 2001
Children: 2
Work History: Previously, Mrs. Mansour-Fakih has served as an educational consultant, assistant principal, district curriculum coordinator, staff trainer, instructional coach, regional coordinator, program manager, site supervisor, and head teacher.
Honors & Awards: Certificate of Excellence “Educator of the Year”; Certificate of Excellence “Above and Beyond Leader”
Career Accomplishments: As an educator, Mrs. Mansour-Fakih was able to influence the lives of many of her students. Because of her dedication, she was able to help many students graduate from high school. Not only was she able to decrease the dropout rate, but her dedication went further and she was able to save a student's life from stopping him from committing suicide. Her involvement in her students' personal and academic lives allowed for their success. As an administrator, Mrs. Mansour- Fakih has trained and coached many teachers to become very successful administrators. She also helped many new teachers and administrators believe in themselves and overcome many challenges to succeed. Due to her extensive coaching, she prevented many teachers and administrators from quitting their job.