Professional of the Year - Dentistry/General Dentistry

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John R. Conner Jr.

Title: Dentist
Industry: Dentistry
Type of Organization: Dental Practice
Major Product/Service: General dentistry
Expertise: Dr. Conner has over 40 years experience. He provides general dental care to patients of all ages.
Geographic Area of Distribution: Salt Lake City, Utah
Affiliations: Board of Directors, Alpine Country Club; Chairman of Board of Directors, The Endeavour Group, Inc.
University/Degree: D.D.S., Georgetown University School of Dentistry, 1973
Hobbies/Sports: Family activities, golf, gardening, numismatics, philately
Work History: Previously, Dr. Conner taught dentistry at a number of local universities. He served as an associate at Georgetown Dental School from 1973 through 1975, and was also an associate with the University of Utah School of Dentistry from 2013 through 2018. from 1976 through 1986, Dr. Conner was the team dentist for the Utah Jazz-NBA professional basketball team.