Professional of the Year - E-Commerce/Sales and Logistics

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Joseph A. Bolla

Title: Associate
Industry: E-Commerce
Type of Organization: Online Store
Major Product/Service: Sales of consumer and other goods
Expertise: Mr. Bolla has 15 years experience. He has been with Amazon for over 4 years and is responsible for sales and logistics. He has been an extra in movies and is a model and actor.
Geographic Area of Distribution: International
Born: August 15, 1987, San Mateo, California
Hobbies/Sports: Travel, amusement parks, Reggae music, road trips, modeling, acting, the beach, swimming, nature, luxury cars, luxury real estate
Work History: Previously, Mr. Bolla served with Safeway for 2 years and was with UPS for 11 years.
Honors & Awards: Numerous letters of recommendation from USP for contributions towards withing safely, efficiently and as a valuable team payer.