Professional of the Year - Healthcare/Home Care Nursing

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Barbara Ann White

Title: Registered Nurse, Retired
Industry: Healthcare
Type of Organization: Home Healthcare Agency
Major Product/Service: Patient care
Expertise: Mrs. White is retired after 45 years experience. She was responsible for providing private individualized home care and specialized in critical care nursing. Ms. White mentored other nurses.
Geographic Area of Distribution: Saint Louis, Missouri
Affiliations: National Education Association; Missouri School Nurses Association; Just Us Social Club
University/Degree: R.N., Saint Louis Municipal School of Nursing and Forest Park Community College, Missouri, 1976
Born: September 19, 1947
Hobbies/Sports: Travel, cooking, reading, family activities
Children: Walter, Thomas
Work History: Previously, Mrs. White served at the Homer G. Phillips Hospital's Pediatric Intensive Care and Male Intensive Care Units from 1977 through 1979, the John Cochran Veterans Medical Center in St Louis, from 1980 through 1993, and as a school nurse and health services team leader with the Saint Louis Board of Education from 1993 through 2016.
Career Accomplishments: Mrs. White enjoyed mentoring others throughout her career. She especially enjoyed educating patients.