Professional of the Year - Private Investigation/Criminal Investigations

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Charles E. Rafferty

Title: Sole Owner, Qualified Manager
Industry: Private Investigations
Type of Organization: Investigations Firm
Major Product/Service: Providing full phase private investigations
Expertise: Mr. Rafferty is responsible for criminal and other investigations, criminal defense, civil and family law, and enforcing judgement. He oversees the operations and management of the agency.
Geographic Area of Distribution: National
Affiliations: Criminal Defense Investigative Training Counsel; California Association of Licensed Investigators; California Defense Investigator; Inland Northwest Private Investigator Association; National Association of Licensed Investigators; Sex Crime Defense Investigator, Innocence Legal Team; Fraternal Order of Investigators
University/Degree: A.S., Law Enforcement; A.S., Corrections and Probate; Napa Valley Community College; Attended, JFK University School of Law; Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator; Board Certified Forensic Death Investigator
Born: November 4, 1953, Lakehurst, New Jersey
Hobbies/Sports: The beach, fishing, watching the 49ers, sports
Children: Desiree; Granddaughter: Arlei
Work History: Previously, Mr. Rafferty served as an instructor at the West Coast Detective College for 3 years). He was an intern instructor at the Napa Valley Community College Administration of Justice/Police Academy for 7 years, and an intern instructor for Solano County Criminal Justice for 2 years.