Professional of the Year - Travel/International Tours

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Cynthia Karen Billette

Title: President
Industry: Travel
Type of Organization: Tour Operator
Major Product/Service: Providing travel and tour guide services
Expertise: Ms. Billette is responsible for managing tours in over 102 countries. She presently provides tours of Kenya, Africa and local tour planning in the Pacific Northwest for Columbia Crossroads. Ms. Billette is responsible for tour planning and arrangement, guides and other tour services.
Geographic Area of Distribution: International
University/Degree: A.A., Stevens College and Eastern Oregon University; B.S., International Tour Management Institute; Certification, National Tour Association C.T.P.
Born: April 12, 1939, Albert Lea, Minnesota
Hobbies/Sports: Music, history, animals, culture
Spouse: Richard (Dec.)
Children: Stuart, Karen
Work History: Previously, Ms. Billette served as a contractor for approximately 35 major companies as a domestic and international tour manager over six continents in a period of 35 years.
Career Accomplishments: Ms. Billette was allowed to visit the Raja Saba (Indian Senate) to hear and see Indira Gandhi speak while in India.