Professional of the Year - Author/Poetry

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Brian A. King

Title: Poet, Owner
Industry: Author
Type of Organization: Publishing
Major Product/Service: Publishing service
Expertise: Mr. King writes and publishes poetry.
Geographic Area of Distribution: International
Affiliations: Philatelic Society
University/Degree: Certificate
Born: October 29
Hobbies/Sports: Movies, fitness, restaurants
Work History: Mr. King has served as a freelance writer, author, and poet since 2008. From 2016 through 2017 he was a computer lab assistant with MyComputer Career. He has owned the Freelance Poetry LLC Company since 2019.
Published Works: "Origins of the Lost Poetic Archives from an Unknown Scholar"
Career Accomplishments: Mr. King had trademarks filed in June 2021 for "Origins of the Lost Poetic Archives from an Unknown Scholar," which ahs also been translated and published in Japanese and Spanish in 2023.