Professional of the Year - Healthcare/Medical Allergy Reference Laboratory

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John Jay Weiss

Title: President
Industry: Medical Allergy Reference Laboratory
Type of Organization: Allergy Reference and R&D Laboratory
Major Product/Service: Providing R&D targeting allergy information
Expertise: 40+ years experience; Collaborates with physicians regarding allergy information; Directs research and development; Focuses on allergen component testing
Geographic Area of Distribution: International
Affiliations: A.A.B.; N.I.L.A.
University/Degree: Ph.D., Tumor Cell Biology, Northwestern University, 1989
Born: May 28, 1953, Chicago, Illinois
Hobbies/Sports: Travel, swimming, bridge, golf
Work History: Previously, Dr. Weiss served with Esoterix, Diagnostic Products Corporation, Diamed, and Kallestad.
Career Accomplishments: Dr. Weiss is proud of the following accomplishments: He developed quantitative COVID-19 antibody tests. He received the first FDA clearance for latex allergy testing. He also purified alpha-feto protein for FDA clearance for neural tube defect serum screening.