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Jane Penelope Johnson

Title: Freelance Songwriter/World Renowned Poet
Industry: Writing/Poetry
Type of Organization: Poems, Songs, Gospel Songs
Major Product/Service: Freelance writer, poet and song lyricist (Patriot and Gospel songs)
Expertise: Dr. Johnson specializes in writing poetry and song lyrics.
Geographic Area of Distribution: International
Affiliations: International Order of Merit; World Literary Academy; Deputy Governor, American Biographical Institute; Advisor, International Society of Poetry for Life; International Poetry Hall of Fame; America's Registry of Outstanding Professionals; Academy of American Poets; Republican Presidential Honor Roll; R.N.C. Presidential Advisory Board; Lifetime Member, Republican National Party
University/Degree: Graduate, Famous Writers School, Westport, Connecticut, 1967; The Newspaper Institute of America, New York; Denis Waitley School of Dynamic Winning, 1969; Honorary Doctor of Letters, London, England, 1993; Graduate, American Association of Christian Counselors, 2001
Born: July 1, 1940, Danville, Kentucky
Hobbies/Sports: Piano, singing (Sweet Adelines), dancing, walking, swimming
Spouse: William Evan Johnson, Sr.
Married: July 15, 1958
Children: Buddy Johnson, Robbie Johnson; Grandchildren: April Michelle, Christian Robert
Honors & Awards: Most Admired Woman of the Decade; International Woman of the Year, Cambridge, England; 3 time award winner, Woman of the Year, American Biographical Institute; The National Library of Poetry; Listed, International Who's Who of Intellectuals; "Sing Hosanna" CD sent to U.S. troops in Iraq and around the world, Christmas, 2005; Penny's songs No.1 out of 18, Hilltop Records, Hollywood, California; Who's Who of International Poets "Goldpin" sent, for excellence in poetry and vision; Appointment - Genius Laureate, USA by Janet M. Evans, President, A.B.I.; Inclusion in 500 Greatest Genius Laureates of the 21st Century; Life Member, American Hall of Fame; "Shout it Out" - "Immortal Verses"; 2007; Lifetime Achievement, A.B.I.; Presidential Award from George W. Bush, 2008; Laureate International Biographical Centre Lifetime Achievement Award 2011, sponsored by Director General Nicholas Law and Nominated by the Awards Board of I.B.C.; Inducted, Order of Merit - Republican National Committee; Featured in Guideposts Fall newsletter, 2014 for 50 years of membership and legacy; Order of Merit Certificate, RNC
Published Works: Books, "Anthology, Treasured Poems of America"; "Noble Laureate" from A.B.I.; "Songs of Honour"; "Worldwide - Penny's poem"; "Introspection" included according to Nigel Hillary, U.K., 2006-07; "A Penny for Your Thoughts," published by Authorhouse, Bloomington, Indiana, 06-30-04- I.S.B.N. #1-4184-2489-7; Currently in Print- "A Poetry Book"; The song "Christmas Is" written by Dr. Johnson on the Album "Glory of Christmas,"; 2 songs "Christmas Wishes and Unspeakable Love" on "The Miracle of Christmas" CD, 2009; CD, "Gift of Christmas" with her featured song "The Best King"; Song, "Elegant Equation", last 3 lines and song "Symbol" included on CD "Encore", Hilltop Records - songs will be sung by Carole Ita White; Chosen for The Republican National Committee Life Member Program, one of the highest honors bestowed by the party, 2015- Dr. Johnson's name will be on The Life Member Roll of Honor at the President Dwight Eisenhower Center, Washington, DC
Career Accomplishments: Dr. Johnson's most notable career accomplishments include receiving The Emily Dickinson Award for the poem, "The Wedding", Amherst Society, becoming a Member of the National Author's Registry, receiving Honorable Mention for the President's Award for "Heaven Awaits", for writing the song, "Fighting for Freedom" which became a finalist for Best Song in "Americans Stand Tall Songbook", published by Hilltop Records, Hollywood, California, honoring victims of 9/11, a poem, "A Bouquet of Poets" which was read on the Florence Henderson Poetry Today Radio Show in New York, a poem, "Our Gentle Giant", published in Best Poems and Poets by the International Library of Poetry in 2002, receiving an award, "The 2002 Noble Prize" for Outstanding Achievement and Contributions to Worldwide Humanity by the United Cultural Convention USA, a 2002 Certificate of Recognition for exemplary leadership for the Republican Party (Grassroots Leader) signed by President George W. Bush and a World Intellectual title given by the late Dr. Ernest Kay who was the Director General of the International Biographical Centre in Cambridge, England. Dr. Johnson is motivated by her mentor, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. Dr. Johnson's efforts helped get Donald J. Trump elected as President of the United States of America.