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Kathleen L. Johnson

Title: Founder
Industry: Holistic and Complementary Wellness
Type of Organization: Holistic Healing and Wellness Practice
Major Product/Service: Providing Reiki classes and sessions, crystal healing, past life exploration and spiritual guidance
Expertise: Ms. Johnson has over 20 years experience in the holistic and complementary wellness fields. She provides Reiki training workshops and healing sessions and is responsible for past-life regression therapy sessions incorporating crystal singing bowls and Shamanic practices. She conducts workshops on "Finding Your Life Mission", which help individuals gain a clearer understanding of their life purpose. Ms. Johnson participates in holistic wellness fairs and events and offers presentations about Reiki at public libraries, support groups and community centers.
Geographic Area of Distribution: Pennsylvania, National
Affiliations: National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork; Co-Founder, Northeast Pennsylvania Reiki Connection; Reiki Membership Association; International Association of Reiki Professionals; Reiki Healing Association; Reiki Rays; Association for Research and Enlightenment; Shelter Animal Reiki Association; International Between Lives Regression Network; International Positive Psychology Association; Chi Sigma Iota, Omega Zeta Chapter
University/Degree: B.A., Psychology; M.A., Criminology; Indiana University of Pennsylvania; Certified, Polygraphist; Reiki Master Teacher in Usui/Holy Fire II & Kundalini Reiki; Certified Past-Life Regression Therapist; Certified Crystal Healer
Hobbies/Sports: Family activities, writing, Reiki, animal welfare, the environment, beekeeping, organic gardening
Children: 4 sons
Work History: Previously, Ms. Johnson served in law enforcement for two decades. She also has experience teaching undergraduate courses at Rowan State University and Salem Community College in New Jersey, and was a Program Director of the Law Enforcement Academy sponsored by Salem County Technical Schools.
Published Works: Articles
Career Accomplishments: As a Reiki practitioner, Ms. Johnson has had many experiences in which she was instructed how best to conduct a session. The most remarkable example of this phenomenon occurred during a treatment with a long-time client. Almost immediately, Ms. Johnson felt the presence of Master Jesus, who began sweeping his hands together over each of the client’s chakras, starting at the sides, and bringing them together, like a tenting motion, and sweeping up. Then Ms. Johnson knew she was supposed to do that as well, which she did. This also happened at the client’s feet, with Master Jesus demonstrating the action, and her following. When she asked what this was all about, she heard “Raising up the energy.” Although she was initially confused by this reply, she soon understood - Holy Fire Reiki not only permeates the receiver’s physical body, but must be actively swept up into the entire energetic field, where it can be most effective for individuals. Immediately following the session, the client spontaneously expressed a feeling of awe and reverence, stating that she felt Master Jesus’ presence throughout the session, calming and comforting her, assuring her that all was well.