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Constance Colon-Jones

Title: Independent Consultant
Industry: Consulting
Type of Organization: Professional Service Provider
Major Product/Service: Providing consulting services and businesses communications
Expertise: With over 20 years experience, Dr. Colon-Jones provides professional training. She teaches English to speakers of other languages and gives workshops.
Geographic Area of Distribution: International
Affiliations: Kappa Delta Phi; Simpsonville Chamber of Commerce; Linguistic Society of America; T.E.S.O.L.
University/Degree: Ed.D., Pennsylvania State University
Born: July 28, New York, New York
Hobbies/Sports: Travel, food, wine
Work History: Previously, Dr. Colon-Jones served in the banking and manufacturing arena as an administrator with USA Corporate America. She taught K-12 and provided executive administration with various nonprofit organizations. Dr. Colon-Jones has been on faculty with various colleges and universities where she taught accredited and integrated Women's Studies courses.
Published Works: "Reflections: Women and Their Lives", "A Woman's Journal: Personal and Professional"