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Karen K. Lowry

Title: Founder
Industry: Educational Service
Type of Organization: Educational Service
Major Product/Service: Providing coaching for those with ADD and ADHD
Expertise: With over 5 years experience, Ms. Lowry serves as an IEP coach and ADHD coach. She provides personal coaching services for children with ADHD. Ms. Lowry acts as a supportive sounding board for goals and action plans for students to achieve. She supports all students' needed strategies for success. Ms. Lowry makes sure to reinforce the need for the child to understand how ADHD is impacting them; She also ensures the existence of adequate school support in the form of a 504 or IEP and provides college accommodation support.
Geographic Area of Distribution: New Jersey, National
University/Degree: Board Certified Coach; M.S.N., Pediatric Nursing, University of Pennsylvania, 1979
Hobbies/Sports: Golf
Work History: Previously, Ms. Lowry served as a pediatric nurse.
Published Works: Articles