Women of Excellence

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Sandra L. Woods

Title: Principal
Industry: Education
Type of Organization: Nonprofit Private School
Major Product/Service: Education
Expertise: Ms. Woods has over 17 years experience. She is responsible for the operations of a K-12 school. She liaises with parents, faculty and students. Ms. Woods oversees the school curriculum and enforces a 4-day school week and no assigned homework. She encourages student prayer and religious participation and holds immersion clinics for other educators who wish to start similar schools in their area.
Geographic Area of Distribution: Fort Mill, South Carolina
Affiliations: Kingdom Education: the Comenius School for Creative Leadership Approach
University/Degree: B.A., French, Stony Brook University, 1980
Born: Northport, New York
Hobbies/Sports: Family activities, travel
Spouse: Jeffrey
Married: 1979
Children: Angela, Keith, Jacqueline, Matthew, Elisa
Work History: Previously Ms. Woods served with the United Faith Christian Academy from 1996 through 2000.
Published Works: 1 book, "Kingdom Education: The Comenius School for Creative Leadership Approach"
Career Accomplishments: Ms. Woods is the Founder of Kingdom Education Immersion. She served as a Keynote Speaker with the Christian Schools Trust of Great Britain Annual Conference in 2017. She also served as a Team Member with the Reformation 500 workshop at Regent University of Virginia in 2017.